Career Branding: Resume Success Tips

Career Branding: Resume Success Tips

When you are crafting your resume, spice it up with a career branding statement rather than an objective statement. Career branding statements help refine the focus of your resume, while differentiating yourself from other job seekers. So, how do you create a promising and engaging career branding statement? We will explore several areas of career branding and how you can convey the right message to your audience.

Career branding is imperative, as it shows a potential employer the value of YOU. In your resume, you need to convey how you will add value to the potential employer’s company. Creating a brand is rather difficult because it deals with both tangible and intangible qualities, such as knowledge, skills, or your visual appearance.

How do you tie it all together into one package? How can you impress your resume reader with your unique qualifications?

Tips for Resume Success

Before you hand your resume to your potential employer, think of what else you can add to your bag of tricks.
Do you have a cover letter? What about a business card? Portfolio? Do not forget the thank you note! Regardless of what extras you choose to include, be sure the look of your brand is consistent. Your overall career or brand image will convey to the employer that this is your look for your brand. A memorable look of a cover letter or resume will allow the employer to instantly remember who you are.

Within your resume, it is imperative that you construct a career branding statement.
A career branding statement reflects a concise, innovative statement that conveys an immediate message to your potential employer. Think of the following elements when writing your career branding statement:

  • How are you different?
  • Distinguishing accomplishments or qualities
  • Distinctive or remarkable characteristics
  • What value can you offer the company?

Your resume should convey what type of career you are seeking.
You can add your career branding statement at the top of your resume. The statement will tell your potential employer exactly what they need to know about your career interests or goals. Additionally, it will tell your potential employer what differentiates you from the other applicants.

Example of a Career Branding Statement

Below is an example of how to format your career branding statement at the top of your resume.
Executive Administrative Assistant
Dedicated to utilizing impressive communication, interpersonal, exemplary organizational skills, and expertise to your company in an executive focused support role.

The career branding statement can be easily implemented by thinking about it as a mathematical equation. Attitude + Skill Set / Enthusiasm + Need for the Career = Career Branding Statement. After you have followed the above steps, it is important to think of how you will position yourself within your career brand. Are you the best at what you do in your field? How do you know? Are you a pioneer in your career or industry? What achievements have you accomplished that were different from other individuals?

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