Characteristics For Career Success

Josh Didawick

Characteristics For Career Success

There is not one recipe for success in your career. People will take different paths to get to similar destinations. There can to be times in our lives when work is a major focus; then there may be instances when personal circumstances and decisions decide career moves. Regardless of whether your career is top priority or it has had to take a back seat, there are several qualities that will help you succeed.


Leadership encompasses several different traits and characteristics, but it can mean different things to different people. Managers and supervisors had their titles and authority bestowed upon them, and there are limited opportunities in organizations to occupy those positions. Leadership, on the other hand, can be exercised at all levels of the organization.

It is about supporting the people around you, earning others’ trust and confidence, and setting a positive example for the people you work with. When most people are asked about the best leaders they have ever been around, there is a reason their minds go to people who have taught them something or sacrificed for a greater good. What would work look like if no one cared who got the credit? Could you make a greater impact on your team by serving the people around you, rather than worrying about getting ahead? The funny thing is that sometimes the more we give at work, the more we get.


At work, it can be tempting to want to stand out and speak up. Different voices and perspectives need to be present and heard. But as much as you have to say, make sure you listen much more.

Not only will you learn a great deal by listening, you may find that you become a trusted co-worker. People tend to gravitate toward those that they can talk to and feel like the other person values what they are saying. By not interrupting, asking probing questions and withholding judgment, you may find that your listening skills will become a key strength for you in the workplace.

Valuing Diversity

You may have noticed that most employers go out of their way to foster an environment that respects and values diversity. Some employees mistakenly think this is a risk management exercise designed to meet some sort of training requirement. To be competitive today in a global business environment, organizations have to embrace diversity to recruit effective an effective workforce, and to innovate and meet customers’ expectations and demands.

Diversity includes, but is not limited to, race, religion, sex, national origin, color, age and disability. These are federally protected classes, but that is the bare minimum. People expecting to take their careers to new heights not only have to see the value in having a diverse workforce in those protected classes, but also in thought, perspectives and outlooks. Protect people that are different from you, listen to them, empower them and encourage them to speak up. It will make you and your organization more valuable.


This is probably trending as one of the buzziest words in business, but for good reason. It is ultimately about passion and perseverance to see your goals through to completion. In short, those people that can think and work toward long-term goals without getting discouraged or distracted by short-term noise, are going to add value and be successful over the long-term.

Another way to think about it is perseverance. You have a long-term vision and set of goals for yourself personally and professionally. There may be opportunities along the way to go in a different direction, take a shortcut, or do something that doesn’t align with your values. The grittier you are, the easier it will be to recognize and pass on that temptation to stay the course.

Relationship Building

It’s important to keep in mind that no matter how good you are, getting anywhere without help from other people is impossible. Being able to effectively build relationships can lead to success in any aspect of manufacturing.

The great thing about the workplace is that it provides numerous opportunities to meet and work with new people. These relationships will help you learn, grow professionally and provide an opportunity to leverage your strengths and weaknesses with the people around you to achieve goals.

Relationships should be managed and nurtured at all levels of the organization. Your success is not just determined by your boss. Your co-workers and subordinates can have just as much, and sometimes more, of an impact. Relationship building is not about being friends with everyone, but about building effective working arrangements and contributing to organizational success.

We all define success differently, but when it comes to the workplace, many people want to enjoy what they do and add value to an organization. Sometimes we limit ourselves by thinking we are who we are. Do not let this type of mindset stop you from exploring additional ways to improve yourself personally and professionally, as well as increase your effectiveness. These 5 characteristics can help you reach new heights.

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