Describe Your Current Position

Describe Your Current Position

Out of the many interview questions you may be asked, this particular question is typically the easiest to answer. Many interviewees are comfortable describing their current job responsibilities and positive experiences to an interviewer. Regardless if you have described your position and job responsibilities on your resume, the interviewer wants to be put at ease and hear what you have to say. A resume only conveys so much information so you will need to accurately, honestly, and verbally describe your current position.

Tips to Remember When Answering, “Describe Your Current Position.”

1. Focus on the important qualities of your current position
As an applicant, it is important to focus on your job performance at your current position and your achievements. Ask yourself, “How did I go above and beyond my current position’s job description?”

2. Modify your answer to fit the position you are applying for
How does the current position fit with the new job you are applying for? Take a look at the job description and think about how your current job will prepare you for a new position.

3. Keep your answer brief
As with any interview answer, it is imperative to keep your answer concise and clear. What do you do at your current position? What is an impressive aspect of your job?


Sarah is currently applying for a curatorial assistant position at a new museum. This new position will allow her to have more responsibility in a museum setting, while working alongside a curator. In the job description, it states the new museum is looking for a candidate with experience in calendar management, exhibition experience, inventory management, and object handling. Let’s take a look at Sarah’s current position as an administrative assistant and see how it fits with the job description she is applying for.

“I am currently an administrative assistant to the curator at the Fashion and Textile Museum. I am essentially the right-hand woman to the curator, as I am in charge of our calendar, assist with exhibits and installations, event planning, and answers any questions one may have when visiting our museum. I also assist with inventory of the objects in our collection, object handling, and paperwork for object donation. My job is to take care of all the small details so that the curator can focus on the major projects at hand. While working as an administrative assistant, I have also devised a new inventory system to better catalog the objects in our collection.”

This example hits all of her experiences and duties of her current position. Take the main points of her responsibilities (calendar management, exhibition experience, inventory management, and object handling) and connect it to the job she is applying for. Sarah’s experience aligns with the responsibilities of the new job description while demonstrating that she candle handle many new tasks. She can work independently, as she devised a new system for the collection’s inventory. It appears she is a strong candidate for the position.

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