Here’s What A Master’s Degree Can Do For Your Nursing Career

If you have a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, you’re already qualified for many well-paid nursing jobs. But a BSN isn’t the end of the educational road for nurses. A Master of Science in Nursing can open many doors to even better, more challenging positions.

Not only can an MSN translate into a higher salary, it can also mean the opportunity to specialize in a specific area of nursing and even to become a care provider yourself. The job outlook for advanced practice nurses in all specialties is great. And you won’t be limited to working with patients. You can also choose an administrative role or an educational one.

Help Victims of Crime as a Forensic Nurse

Forensic nursing is a nursing field many RNs may not consider. As a forensic nurse, you’ll help collect forensic evidence while caring for the victims of crime and the perpetrators of crime. One option after you earn your degree in forensic nursing is to become a sexual assault nurse examiner (SANE).

As a SANE, you’ll provide care for the victims of sexual assault while collecting the evidence needed to bring their attackers to justice. You will need to undergo special training and clinical preparation to become a SANE. Another option is to work with coroners or death investigators. In this role, you’d help uncover the causes of death or find criminal evidence related to deaths in your area.

Pass on Your Nursing Knowledge to Another Generation of Care Providers

Nursing education is in crisis; there aren’t enough nurse educators available to train the nurses our country needs. As a result, the nursing shortfall is only getting worse. But if you’re looking to boost your nursing career and get away from the chaos of the hospital and long shifts on your feet, this is great news — it means that the job market for nurse educators is robust.

Part of the problem is that nursing schools are having trouble finding candidates to fill open faculty positions who have the requisite advanced degrees. While you may need a Ph.D. in order to land a full-time, tenured position, teaching offers the opportunity to shape the nursing practices of the future, through your pedagogy as well as through your research.

Take Charge of Your Institution

As a nurse administrator, you’ll be in charge of supervising nursing teams and facilities with your department at your institution. You’ll make the hiring decisions, manage your team members’ schedules, and handle every other aspect of managing your team. You’ll also work in conjunction with hospital or organization administrators to ensure that everything runs smoothly at your institution.

Nurse administrators are responsible for looking at the broader picture of health care systems and policies in place at their organizations, in order to provide the best quality of care and the highest degree of safety for their patient populations. The decisions you make as a nurse administrator won’t just affect the lives of the few patients on your roster; they’ll make or break the lives of all the patients treated by your department.

Provide Care

If you want to continue caring for patients, advanced practice nursing may be for you. Advanced practice nursing can allow you to provide primary care as a nurse practitioner, care for mothers and their babies as a nurse midwife, or work with surgical patients as a nurse anesthetist. You may even be able to run your own practice or supervise a team of other nurses.

There’s plenty of demand for advanced practice nurses, especially since many health care experts expect these professionals to help mitigate the looming provider shortage by stepping in to fill some of the gaps in coverage left behind.

If you’re already a nurse or on the way to a career in nursing, a Master of Science in Nursing can help turbo-charge your career so you can achieve not only prominence in your field, but a respectable six-figure salary. The health care field needs more qualified, advance practice nurses, nurse educators, forensic nurses, and nurse administrators. Earn a graduate degree in nursing, and expand your career options more than you ever thought possible.

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