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Yes. Companies do hire during the holidays, and not just for temporary workers. It is a falsehood to think that everything comes to a screeching halt because the holidays are busy and people are traveling and taking vacation. Companies still must produce and have money to spend, hiring decisions are made, and people even make career changes during this time of year. Here are some facts to consider when thinking about looking for a new job or changing careers this holiday season.

Job Boards are Full

Have you looked at a job board during the holidays? That should answer your question right there. There are thousands of job openings right now for immediate hire. HR managers are always looking for qualified applicants for current or upcoming positions. They aren’t sitting back twiddling their thumbs during the holidays; they are actively vetting candidates through LinkedIn and other platforms to fill positions.

Companies Have Money To Spend

Sometimes a company has extra money to invest at the end of the year, but sometimes it doesn’t. You shouldn’t refrain from writing resumes and cover letters just because you think a company won’t hire you during the holidays. Many companies leave room in their budget for an end-of-year hiring so then they have their staff in place to begin the new year.

There is Less Competition

Many people have the same thoughts you may have had, which means there will be fewer job applicants during the holidays. Take advantage of the reduced competition and tidy up your executive resume bio to send in. There’s a decent chance you’ll land an interview you may not have landed at other times of the year.

Networking Opportunities Abound

This time of year has its own pace, with social events at work, with friends and family. These are great opportunities to network and reconnect with people you may have lost contact with. Your own workload may have changed, which may give you an opportunity to spend some time on your LinkedIn profile to make sure it is fully optimized before you start connecting with people online, if it’s been awhile. Plan to meet a former colleague for coffee or attend a business event. Don’t bypass these natural social events during the holidays. Job opportunities present themselves in all kinds of places.

Temporary Jobs are an Option

Even if a particular company you’re interested in working for isn’t hiring at the moment, you could get your foot in the door with a temporary job. Most of the time, temporary executive job offerings aren’t the result of the holiday season, but rather, end-of-year budget concerns. Depending on where a company stands with their budget, they may not be able to hire a full-time employee in December, but you will be eligible for full-time employment shortly after the start of the New Year.

Companies Are Always Hiring

There is never a time companies are NOT hiring. Most often, a company is going to hire a candidate if the perfect person walks into their office. The holiday season may be slower from a job seeker’s standpoint, but it rarely has an impact on whether a company is hiring. In fact, some companies prefer to hire at the end of the year because they know the candidates who apply will be serious since they are conducting a job search throughout the holidays. So choose the best executive resume writing service and send in your resume.

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