How To Dress For A Job Interview

One aspect of your job interview you shouldn’t forget about is your appearance. Having all the right answers to job interview questions and being ready for anything is important, but it’s not everything. It’s equally important to be able to make a great impression before you even say a word. When people first see you, they immediately pass a judgment on you. If the judgment passed is negative, you’ll be fighting against that from word one during your interview. You already have enough of a challenge in the form of your competition, so why add to it?

What should you wear to your job interview?

That depends totally on what you’re applying for. Look in the job listing for some indication about dress. Some listings will actually say if a job is business casual or business formal. If you can’t find it in the listing, then you can look up the profession online and try to find some indication online about how people in that job dress. If you know anyone in that profession or you have any networking connections, ask those people. Once you figure out the dress code for the job, you have a guideline for how you should dress for your interview.

You always want to dress just one step above what you’d plan to wear to the job.

So when a listing says “business formal,” the interview calls for a suit, just like the job. If the listing says “business casual,” you don’t need to wear a suit to the interview and probably shouldn’t. Why shouldn’t you be overdressed? Because then the interviewer doesn’t have any idea how you’ll actually dress in the workplace, and will also have a harder time picturing you in the role. You also may intimidate the interviewer, and you never want a hiring manager to think you’re gunning for someone else’s position.

In business casual situations, dress business casual, but just dress one notch nicer than you would at the office. If the job calls for a uniform, business casual attire is sufficient. Also consider color: wear a neutral color or blue if you’re in doubt; these are safe corporate colors.

Sometimes job candidates spend so much time worrying about what they’re going to wear that they forget about grooming.

It’s very important to be clean and to smell neutral during your interview (perfume or cologne is okay, but make sure it’s nothing intrusive). Comb your hair nicely, and wear it in a conservative hairstyle. If you have long hair that gets in your face, make sure that you clip it back so that it doesn’t get in your way during the interview. This also gives you more of a clean-cut look.

Aim to be conservative with anything you put in your hair, and with jewelry and makeup as well. You don’t want to stand out with your appearance—just with your skills. With your appearance you just want to come across as someone who takes care of his or her look and will fit into the workplace without clashing.

What should you wear to your job interview?

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