How To Get A Promotion At Work

Both promotions and pay raises are more difficult to come by than they were in the past, but they do happen, and if you want to be the person they happen to, you can’t just hope for the best and keep doing whatever you’re doing now. You were hired because you could fulfill a job description, but if you are aiming for a promotion, you are shooting for a position that falls outside your current job description. That means you have to demonstrate not only that you can fulfill your current job duties, but also that you can rise above them to embrace more responsibility. If you can do this in a concrete way, you are making yourself the natural, obvious choice for promotion.

Make improvements to the workplace.

Look for areas where efficiency could improve in the workplace and which relate to what you do. Invest time and effort into those areas (which still fulfilling all your existing obligations). Volunteer to assume more responsibility if your boss looks for someone to take on some extra work. Show that you have the capacity to grow and offer more to the company, and that you are a self-starter.

Have a positive attitude which will motivate others.

You can be the most apt person in the world and still never get a promotion if you can’t move others to get things done. Motivating others takes charisma, fairness, friendliness, and rapport. Having great communication skills and leadership abilities and being more likeable all around makes it far more likely you’ll get promoted.

Your employer has to like you before he or she can entrust you with more responsibility. And if that involves leading a team, that would-be team has to like you, too.

Act boldly, especially in adverse conditions.

If there’s a crisis in the workplace, don’t wait for someone else to fix it if your intuition tells you that you have the answer. Even if you’re not used to speaking up or acting out of turn, go for it—you may well prove yourself in that moment and earn the trust and respect of your supervisor and co-workers—as well as their gratitude. This can be one of the most effective ways to propel yourself out of anonymity and into the spotlight as a valued member of the team.

One thing you should notice about all of these pieces of advice is that they all involve building trust and confidence, both with your boss and with your co-workers. You cannot assume responsibility if you cannot be trusted to follow through, and if nobody finds you relatable, you cannot lead others.

Once you demonstrate you can be trusted and respected and that you are ready to rise above your current level of responsibility, it becomes more likely that you will be offered a promotion, as well as the higher pay and respect that goes with the new position. Show that you have gumption and the ability to make the company more efficient and profitable, and the rewards will follow.

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