How To Kick Your Job Search Off The Right Way With LinkedIn

Biron Clark

If you’re looking for jobs online, you have a lot of different choices available and limited time to spend. I is important to choose a strategy that’s going to give you the most for your effort, and LinkedIn’s job search is a great option.

There is an easy-to-follow process you can use to quickly and efficiently apply for jobs with LinkedIn and kick your job search into high gear in a matter of minutes, not hours or days.

How to Begin Your Search Step-By-Step

LinkedIn allows you to search for jobs by selecting the small briefcase icon on the left side of the search bar. Enter a keyword or job title and click the search button. From there, you can narrow your search by location and add more keywords if you’d like (you could also combine a job title like “Manager” with a keyword like “Remote”).

Once you’ve done this, you’ll be looking at a list of jobs relevant to your job search. Click one that looks interesting and you’ll see one of two buttons near the top of the screen: “Apply,” or “Apply on company website.”

Scenario 1: In the first scenario, clicking the “Apply” button will bring up a screen where you can attach your resume and send it off with a few clicks and without ever leaving LinkedIn’s website. This is one of the reasons this method is so powerful and has been proven to help you find a job fast. There is no cover letter needed either; just tailor your resume and you’re ready to send it off.

Scenario 2: The other button you might see, “Apply on company website,” means you’ll need to click through and visit the company’s website to view the application form. So go ahead and click it, take a look at the form and decide if you want to apply. The beauty of this whole job search method is that you’ll have so many jobs available that you’ll never have to struggle through a frustrating or long application process again.

If it seems too time-consuming, just move on to the next one! There are so many high quality employers on LinkedIn that there’s no need for you to suffer through an unpleasant process. You’re in control and can decide exactly where your time is best spent!

This Method is Going to Save You Hours Each Day

You’re going to be saving time in a lot of ways with this tactic. Any time you can apply directly through LinkedIn, you’re spending only a few minutes and skipping the cover letter and signup process on the company’s website, which can often take 20 or 30 minutes to complete accurately.

When you conduct your job search through LinkedIn and apply directly whenever possible, you’ll also have a much easier time staying organized and tracking everything because LinkedIn sends you a confirmation email every time you submit a resume.

How This Method Can Land You a Better Job

You’re focusing on speed and efficiency at the beginning of this process, but that doesn’t mean quality is being sacrificed. Here’s the basic idea: Why would you spend a ton of time on a single application when you don’t even know if a company is interested?

You’re going to put your name out there, get multiple conversations going, and then start to be selective as you start to interview with companies and learn more about the opportunities they’re offering.

Doesn’t it make sense to be more careful and take your time with the process once you know a company is interested, rather than spending hours with companies that might not even reply?

If you do this you will get far more interviews which will give you more confidence when interviewing and more leverage when negotiating.

By starting your job search with this strategy and combining it with one or two other tactics you like, you’ll build immediate traction in your search and receive interviews as quickly as possible.

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Biron Clark

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