How To Write The Perfect Thank You Note

How To Write The Perfect Thank You Note

Etiquette is important in all aspects of your life, especially within a job interview setting. Composing the perfect thank you note after an interview is imperative, as it shows you are courteous and thoughtful. If you fail to follow up with a thank you note, whether it is handwritten or an e-mail, it could show your potential employer that you are uninterested in the position. Furthermore, it may tell the interviewer that are impolite and could be a deciding factor in your potential future at the company. It is your chance to not only thank the interviewer for their time, but an opportunity to reiterate your qualifications and interest in the position. The following tips will help you achieve the perfect thank you note for any position.

Wait…What Was I Supposed to Do?
Did you forget already?! Do not procrastinate! You were supposed to write a wonderful thank you note! Do not procrastinate in sending your thank you note. You want to provide your potential employer with a good first impression. You want to remind your potential employer who you are and your interest in the position. Thank your potential employer and send the note within a day after the interview.

Create a Customized Note
Keep your potential employer in mind when writing your thank you note. Were they personable? Reiterate his/her position within the company. Formatting the thank you note to the person’s position, age, and personality are key. Create sincerity within your note while thanking them for their time.

Reiterate Why YOU Want the Job
It is important to keep your thank you note personable and professional, but also concise. You need to reiterate why you are the right fit for the position, as it is essentially your last shot at convincing your potential employer that you should be a part of their company.

Expressing thanks and interest is key, but reiterating what you can provide to the company that others cannot, will make all of the difference in your approach. If something was left out during the interview, now is the time to discuss its importance.

  • Highlight your strengths! Keep the note short and sweet, but to the point.
  • Show interest and enthusiasm in the position by stating you would love to have an opportunity to be a part of the company.
  • Be careful not to sound too desperate in your thank you note.
  • Remember to enclose your contact information as well. If there were many people interviewing you, such as a panel of individuals, be sure to write them each an individual thank you note. It is important to acknowledge each individual and thank them for their time.

Remember the Small Details
Do not forget to proofread your thank you note. The best way to catch your mistakes is to read the note out loud. You will be able to hear and catch mistakes before you send your note. Use spell check if you are writing an e-mail, but remember to read the e-mail out loud to yourself.

If you forget a person’s name or how it may be spelled, contact the Human Resources office and ask them. Be sure that you are sending the right thank you note to the right individual, and not your mother, by accident!

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