How Would Your Co-Workers Describe You?

How Would Your Co-Workers Describe You?
With many interview questions, you are asked to describe you. What are your strengths and weaknesses? Why do you want this job? During the hiring process, references and phone calls to previous supervisors are made to evaluate you as an individual. Besides performing the two previous tasks, a potential employer can ask your opinion of how others perceive you.

The question is posed in order to understand not only your personality, but your relationships with your co-workers and how you others see you in a professional, team setting. The question is asked to understand your work ethic and if you are willing to learn from other co-workers. As the interviewee, you can follow the examples, tips, and information below for a successful answer.

An interviewer is listening for keywords and qualities such as:

  1. Dependability
  2. Strong work ethic
  3. Upbeat energy
  4. Efficiency
  5. Dedication
  6. Punctuality
  7. Organizational skills
  8. Reliability

Examples Of How To Answer, “How Would Your Co-Workers Describe You?”

“My co-workers would describe me as a team player who is always willing to go above and beyond to get any task completed on time.”

“My former co-worker at Pen and Pencil Publishing, Jane Smith, always said that I could light up a room with my positive, enthusiastic attitude.”

“John Smith, my former co-worker at Woodside Library, nominated me for the employee of the month award because he said he was impressed with my professionalism and organizational skills. In his letter of recommendation (which you can hand to the interviewer), he discusses more insight to not only my personality, but my work ethic.”

Using actual co-workers and their positive testimonials about you will help alleviate any interview anxiety. If you do not have any personal testimonials, do not fret. Ask yourself what kind of person do others see you as? Did you have a positive performance review? Think about the qualities listed above and tie your own experiences with your co-workers, to assist with answering the question.

Tips For A Successful Answer

1. Professionalism
The interviewer wants to understand what people in your professional circle think of you. This is not the time to tell the interviewer what your mother or your best friend may think of you. Keep the conversation professional and focused.

2. Confidence
A little confidence goes a long way when interviewing! Be sure not to use phrases such as, “My co-workers MIGHT say…” Do not present yourself as unsure because uncertainty will come across as you being unconfident in yourself. You need to be confident in the delivery of your answer!

3. Accuracy
As with any answer that you may give during your interview, it is imperative that you are truthful. Be honest and factual in your reply. Information such as references or referrals will most likely be checked for authenticity.

4. Conciseness
When answering the question, be sure to answer in a concise and clear manner. Do NOT deliver your answer in a vague manner. Be thoughtful and describe how your co-workers would describe you.

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