Interview Questions For Fresh Graduates

Interview Questions For Fresh Graduates

If you are just graduating from college, you are actually probably more hirable now than you may be at any point in your future. It all depends on where you go from here with your professional life. It’s best to get off to a good start while you still are fresh out of college, because your whole life is ahead of you and you have very few negative experiences to make up for when you talk to a job interviewer.

New graduates often think they are at a disadvantage when they talk to an interviewer because they have so little experience, but think of all the ways in which new graduates appeal to hiring managers. You have no periods of unemployment to explain, and you have never been fired or laid off. Your knowledge and job skills are 100% up to date and current with cutting edge techniques. As a new graduate, you do have a lot to offer with very few detractors.

What kinds of questions are you likely to get on an interview? Being as you have so much ahead of you and so little behind you, most of your interview questions are likely to be very broad and look toward the future. Hiring managers want to know what kind of career plan you have envisioned for yourself and how the job you are applying for fits into your roadmap. Here are some sample questions:

“Tell me about yourself.”

Don’t make the mistake of thinking this has anything to do with you personally. The hiring manager is not interested in your hobbies, passions, or ambitions, unless they directly involve work, preferably the line of work you are applying for. Focus on academic accomplishments, and achievements related to work or volunteering if you have them.

“What are your weaknesses?”

This is another very popular question for fresh graduates. You want to walk a line on this one. Don’t list everything that you actually believe is wrong with yourself. But also don’t insist you have no weaknesses—this makes you look arrogant and foolish. Try to come up with something that is actually an asset in disguise, like, “I never seem to know when to stop working.”

“Where do you see yourself in five years?”

Again, this question is nothing to do with you personally. Answer only in terms of your profession. If you don’t have a specific path in mind, lie. Come up with a story in advance about where you want to end up, and make sure that the job you are applying for fits logically in your path as a stepping stone—but not such a quick one that the hiring manager will be expecting you to jumps hip the first chance you get.

Those are just a few common interview questions for new graduates.

The main thing to understand as a new graduate is that hiring managers have no interest in you. They only want to know what you can bring to the workplace. When you have been in the professional world for a while, you will get used to this and consider it second nature, but when you are fresh out of college, this is not necessarily a type of conversation you are used to. Keep that in mind, always focus on the job you are applying for, and you should do fine.

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