Is It Worth Moving For A Job?

Erin Kennedy

Is It Worth Moving For A Job?

So, you’ve gotten a job offer. The one you’ve been waiting for! Hooray, crack out the champagne! Getting a new job offer is exciting, especially if it comes with a nice increase in pay.

However, many candidates only look at the size of the paycheck and don’t look at other aspects, especially if a job relocation is required. Yes, sometimes a fresh start is exactly what you may need at some point in your career, but picking up and moving your family is easier said than done.

Your professional resume may help you land a new job in another city or state, but consider these points before you pick up and move.

Consider The Cost of Living

It’s important to do your research in the part of the country you’ll be moving to first. The cost of living is different everywhere.

Understanding the cost of living in your new city will help you determine whether the higher salary is worth it.

Many candidates find the higher salary is equivalent to the higher cost of living, making the move essentially a wash.

Somethings to look into would be:

  • Insurance costs
  • Housing (which would include rental rates, not just purchasing)
  • Taxes

Some states have state income tax and some don’t . City taxes vary greatly so you need to consider this as well.

Everyone has their own reasons for wanting to relocate. Money may not be the only factor. You may be able to check the LinkedIn profile of other professionals in your field who live in your potential new city.

Don’t hesitate to message them directly to get more information and make a new contact.

Think About Your New Commute To Work

If you don’t like spending hours every day commuting to work, then you need to consider your options. Check on the cost of public transportation and parking.

Some cities are known for having bad traffic. You don’t want to put yourself in a situation where you have to sit in traffic for hours, especially if you don’t have to with your current job.

You may find a company that provides or offers transportation.

My niece recently took a job in California and because of the long commutes; it offers a bus that is equipped with tables, WiFi, and a bathroom.

They can make good use of their time-whether it’s company work, or Netflix.

How Will Your Relocation Affect Your Family?

No matter how effective you are at writing a professional resume and ultimately landing a new job, you need to consider how the job relocation will affect your family.

If you are single, it will be much easier to pack up and move.

Dealing with the stresses of moving can be difficult for a family.

Whether it’s your spouse’s job considerations, children’s education, or other points, be sure to cover all aspects so your family is comfortable with the move as well. New schools, new job for your spouse, new friends, new community, it can be an exciting time for some people and terrifying for others.

Consider how you and your family will adapt to a new location and make sure it’s right for you.

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