Personal Branding Tips For The C-Suite Executive

Erin Kennedy

Personal Branding Tips For The C-Suite Executive

In the past, having a strong personal brand was seen as a luxury to put yourself ahead of your competition. As technology has advanced, boosting your c-level personal branding is a necessity to keep up with the competition. And if you aren’t careful, your brand will be shaped for you.

It’s important as a well-crafted executive resume is the c-suite executive. It’s far from being the one component of your brand that will help you stand out. You may have a LinkedIn profile, a website, blog, social media accounts, or a combination of them, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you have a strong online brand.

Here are some ways to help the c-suite executive determine whether your online brand is strong enough to compete in the job market today.

Run a Search For Your Name and Clean Up Your Image

It is almost guaranteed that potential employers will run a Google search on your name prior to extending an interview. They want to know as much as they can about a potential candidate. So it is critical you get out in front, do your own search first, and clean up anything you don’t want people to see. You may be surprised at what you find. If you have to scroll through several pages of results to find anything, then you need to work on your online brand.

The goal is to have your LinkedIn executive profile show up at the top of the search results so there’s no questioning in your online presence. The type of information you do see about yourself is what makes up your online brand, whether you like it or not. In order to improve your image, you could start with a LinkedIn profile service to help you at least get your LinkedIn profile stronger. From that point, you can slowly work on reshaping your image.

Create Engaging Content Regularly

You should never stop building and managing your online c-level personal branding. A lot of the work is done upfront with building a solid reputation, but after that, it’s important to continue posting new content and staying active. Create engaging content on a regular basis. Post thoughtful and original articles on your social media accounts or website.

When you are consistent with creating unique content and providing valuable information, people will start recognizing you. Your online brand will start taking shape. The thing with c-level personal branding is you can never stop working on it if you want to maintain a strong reputation.

Be Clear & Consistent Across All Platforms

Complete alignment and consistency with your overall message is critical. It helps to create the strongest personal brand for c-suite executives. A recruiter or hiring manager wants to look at your social media accounts and see the same overall message.

Any doubts or concerns about your actual brand can harm you. They can be hurting your chances of landing the job you want or even being recognized by the right people.

Diversify Your Visibility

It takes more than having a presence on LinkedIn and optimizing your profile. Even though this is a critical component of any good online image, it won’t build your brand alone.

You also have to diversify your visibility by being active on other sites. Think Twitter, Facebook, your own blog. Maybe even commenting on blogs written by other professionals. The more visible you are, the stronger your online brand will be.

Creating unique, insightful, and relevant content and posting it across multiple platforms can give you the diversity you need.

You can have an extensive amount of experience with unique skill sets and seem like a perfect fit for a job. Employers will still be hesitant to hire you if you don’t have a solid online presence. In this day and age, c-suite executive leaders have to be visible to the public.

Having social proof that you are who you say you are is one thing, but seeing how you would be viewed in the eyes of potential customers is another. It takes time to build your personal brand, but it is well worth the effort.

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