Preparing For An Executive Job Search

Erin Kennedy

Preparing For An Executive Job Search

Too many executives today aren’t getting the results they expected as they go through their job search. Most of those times, the job seeker either didn’t prepare enough or prepared the wrong ways.

A quality resume isn’t the only thing to help you land an interview. There are many different variables in any given job search today. Here are some ways to help you prepare.

Determine Your Goal

Without a target, you will not reach your goal. Targeting your job search is the number one thing you can do.

Make a list of a dozen or so organizations in which you have an interest in working. Once you develop your list, narrow it down by researching each company individually to ensure there’s the possibility of a mutual fit.

Learn about their culture, the type of work they do, how you want to contribute to their growth, the qualities and skill sets required, or finding out what makes you a good fit for any given company.

You can eliminate organizations quickly and focus on the ones that seem like the best fit for both sides and target these specific companies.

Make Personal Branding A Priority

The concept of personal branding is more important now than ever before. As much as employers want to know what hard skills you bring to the table, they also want to know your soft skills. They want to hire executives who are leaders, who will fit into the culture and bring innovative ideas to the workplace.

A lot of this comes from c-level personal branding and can be a major factor in setting yourself apart from the competition. Your personal brand comes from your interactions with people, how you are perceived online, via social media and more.
You can boost your personal brand by focusing on your LinkedIn profile development and demonstrating unique soft skills. Your confidence in your personal brand will be clearly evident in your writing and speech.

When you focus on c-level personal branding, your job search will fall into place.

Using Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is the largest professional online network. A large percentage of employers use the platform to make their next hire. Employers and HR managers are going to look at your LinkedIn profile when they see your resume.

It may be worth your time to visit a LinkedIn profile writing service to ensure yours demonstrates your c-level personal branding clearly and doesn’t include anything that could potentially damage your chances of landing an interview.

LinkedIn is an important tool for people searching for a job, so make sure your profile is cleaned up and ready to be viewed. If you want to do it yourself, go over the job descriptions you are looking at and make sure they match up with what is in your profile.

Connect with other professionals in your industry to learn more about them and any possible opportunities available. LinkedIn groups are also valuable, since they are full of like-minded people, allow you to demonstrate your personal brand to others, and expand your network.

Start Networking Early

It’s never too early to start networking. Even if you currently have a job and may be considering a new job search soon, networking now could get your foot in the door for your next opportunity.

Meet with an executive resume writer first could be valuable. It helps you make sure your resume is as current as possible and optimized for success. It’s also a good idea to attend various networking events in the area to help others put a face to your name.

Networking is the best way to tap into the hidden job market and expedite your job search.

Know What You Bring To The Table

You may have years of experience, but your next employer wants to know what value you bring to them. Through your own LinkedIn profile development, take a look at the profiles of employees of the companies you’re interested in.

See what skill sets they have and how they present them in their profile. These can give you some good ideas to start from or build on if you have similar experiences.

Being able to present relevant skill sets will help you stand out on your resume, LinkedIn profile, when networking, or anywhere else.

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