Preparing For Your Next Interview

Preparing For Your Next Interview

When interviewing, it may seem like you are the one who should answer all of the questions. It is important to remember that you should ask the interviewer questions as well. Many interviewers will give you the chance to ask them questions about the position or their company. It is imperative that you do NOT answer, “Nope, I do not have any questions for you.”

If you do not ask a question, it sends a signal to the interviewer that you do not have an interest in the company or position. These questions allow you to feel out if the potential employer is the right match for you. Questions allow you to see if the potential employer has any hesitations with or about you.

Avoid asking questions that may have discussed already with your potential employer. Additionally, be sure to avoid asking about the benefits or salary unless your potential employer discusses the subject. Think of the research you conducted about the company and tie your questions to the information you have found.

Interview Questions & Examples of Interview Answers

“What are the skills, expectations, and responsibilities of this position?”
This question allows the interviewer to state exactly what the potential employer is looking for in a potential employee. If any specifics were not answered during the interview, this is the time for the interviewer to inform you of what they are looking for.

“Why did you choose to work for this company?”
This is a fantastic question for the interviewer, as it allows you to understand them at a personal level. The interviewer’s answer will give you an insight: are they satisfied or unsatisfied with their job? Did they hesitate with their answer? If so, that is a red flag to watch out for when interviewing. The answer to this question will mean a lot to you as the interviewee in order to see if the company is the right fit for you.

“Do you offer ongoing training or continual education for employees at this company?”
This question allows you to position yourself in an area of showing interest in the company, while wanting to know if you can flourish within the company.

“Can you tell me more about the next step in the interview process?”
This is an essential question when ending the interview. It shows the interviewer that you are interested in moving along to the next step. Furthermore, the interviewer may reveal information on how many people may be in the running for the position.

Examples of Questions You Can Ask the Interviewer

  1. “What is a typical day like for an individual in this position?”
  2. “How do you evaluate an individual’s performance in this position?”
  3. “Can you tell me a little about the company’s values?”
  4. “Can you tell me about the company’s corporate culture and atmosphere?”
  5. “How would you describe the management style of the company?”
  6. “Can you describe the management philosophy of the company or your specific department?”
  7. “Are there opportunities for advancement within the company?”

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