Questions You Should Ask At Your Next Job Fair

Questions You Should Ask At Your Next Job Fair

When arriving at a career or job fair, it is imperative to remember that you need to ask questions of your potential employer. By engaging your potential employer with several questions, you will be able to understand the various facets of the individual or company first hand. Furthermore, asking questions will show your potential employer that you are enthusiastic and genuinely interested in their company.

When asking a recruiter questions, keep in mind that the questions are divided into four categories: key company information, recruiter information, strategic comeback, and strategic planning. Each question category has a specific technique or strategy, in order to find out information. Please note that you may not have enough time to ask many questions, therefore, ask the most important questions first.

1. Key Company Questions

Key company questions were created to provide you, the potential employee, with key information about the company. It is important to note that you will be assessing the company as much as they are assessing you.

“What is company’s culture like?”
“How many years does the typical employee stay at your company?”
“What can an employee for the position I am interested in, can expect to be doing in the years to come after being hired?”
“Do you offer training opportunities or allow for advancement within your company?”

2. Recruiter Information Questions

On a professional level, many recruiters do not advise asking them personal questions. However, if the recruiter is someone you have a personal connection with, or part of your alumni system, you can ask the following questions. Furthermore, if there is no personal connection between the two of you, these questions are appropriate to ask in order to gain insight.

“How many years have you been with the company?”
“Tell me about one thing that has surprised you about the company.”
“Why did you choose this company and what made you stay here?”

3. Strategic Comeback Questions

Strategic comeback questions were devised to give a potential employee an opportunity to respond to a recruiter’s question, while allowing the job seeker to explain how they will fit into the company.

“What type of characteristics do you look for in a successful employee?”
“What kind of experience are you looking for within a potential employee?”
“Tell me about what kind of skill you are looking for when hiring a potential employee?”
“Are graduate degrees necessary or important when seeking to advance within your company?”

4. Strategic Planning Questions

Strategic planning questions are asked to give the career seeker knowledge about the overall hiring process for the individual employer.

“Can you tell me if your company hires at specific times of the year or do they hire on a continual basis?”
“What is the average percent of applicants that you eventually hired and retained within your company?”
“How long does the entire hiring process typically take? Can you tell me what the hiring process entails at your company?”
“Do you offer internships or entry-level positions at your company? If so, can you tell me a little more about them?”

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