Signs You Are About To Get Fired

Signs You Are About To Get Fired

Sometimes our instincts are picking up on distinct signs that commonly indicate that we are headed for the door. The information may or may not be enough to reverse the situation in time, but it may at least be enough to give you some warning before you’re out in the cold—enough time to start hunting for a new job. Here are some signs to be on the lookout for:

1. Out of the loop

If you’re used to being in the loop in the workplace, either socially or professionally, and you start to discover you are the last to hear about changes in the workplace, you may no longer be in the loop. Information is extremely valuable, and the moment you stop receiving it, it is a pretty good sign that trust is failing and something is wrong. Being out of the loop may well indicate you’re on the outs with your employer.

2. You’re a bad fit.

This is more likely to be a problem during your early days of employment than it is if you have been part of a company a long time, unless there is a large personnel changeover or the company changes hands. But we usually viscerally know (sometimes quite palpably) when we don’t fit in. Not fitting in doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t be accepted by your colleagues, but it very often leads to layoffs.

When should you be concerned? When the HR manager or your supervisor asks you about it blatantly, you should probably worry. And if you avoid a lot of company activities, you may well give off a bad impression. Also worry if you show up and everyone forgets to talk to you.

3. Large personnel changeover

If you notice a lot of other changeovers, either in your department or another, there is a good chance you are going to be losing your job as well. When companies restructure, lots of people can find themselves out on the streets. There are a lot of reasons it can happen: maybe you aren’t needed anymore, or perhaps the new boss doesn’t like your personality, or maybe he has a nephew who needs a job, and it just happens to fit your description.

4. Close scrutiny

If you find yourself being closely scrutinized or the recipient of a large amount of negative criticism, there is a chance that your job is in jeopardy. Remember though that you will be evaluated as much for your ability to adapt and take criticism professionally as anything.

If you are able to make a quick turnaround, you may very well keep your job. If you are not able to reverse your boss’s opinion of you, however, and it looks easier to train a brand new person than it does to re-train you, you may not be with the organization for long.

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