Summer Jobs For College Students

Summer Jobs For College Students

Approaching the end of your spring semester and not sure what to do over the summer? If you aren’t attending summer school and you want to take the opportunity to make some money and also enjoy an unforgettable life experience, seasonal work may be for you. Seasonal jobs can take you across the country or around the globe. Or if you prefer, you can probably find a job locally or even at your own university. No matter what route you choose, you will be able to earn, build up work experience, and enjoy yourself. Here are some ideas:


Local beaches open up for the summer and there are always people who are going on vacation. This is a popular job opeion for many college students as it’s seasonal and looks great on a resume.

Seasonal hospitality jobs

Summer is a major tourism season, which is why there are many seasonal tourism jobs located in national parks and other locations. You may even find a seasonal job on a cruise boat. Research online and check out all the possibilities. These jobs are often life-changing and allow you to explore the great outdoors and travel. Finding time to embark on these adventures later in your life will probably be more challenging since it is hard to get summers off when you work a regular job. So take advantage of this special time in your life to get out and enjoy yourself will gaining valuable work experience. In some locations you also may find seasonal retail jobs.

Seasonal farm work

For those who don’t mind doing some hard work, seasonal farm work provides another travel opportunity, as well as a chance to pick up practical skills which can become useful later in life. If you are interested in agriculture or gardening, seasonal farm work can teach you valuable expertise.

Summer camp jobs

Summer camp jobs may be available in your local area, or you might find one that allows you to spend some time exploring another part of your region. These are numerous different camp jobs available, and for those who enjoy working with children, these positions can bring additional rewards.

Summer campus jobs

College campuses never shut down completely over the summer, and during summer school months, they can be quite active. You may find positions in food & beverage, tutoring, and more available on campus. You don’t have to travel at all, and if you are one of the few who live on campus over the summer months, a summer job at your university is convenient and can help you pay for your housing.

There’s really no better time than when you’re a student to start applying for summer jobs. You actually have the time off, which may not happen for you again too often later in your life. You need the money—especially if you’re paying for your university bills yourself. And you need the experience. It’s tough to put together your resume for your first full time job after school when you have no prior job experience. Working summers shows that you are motivated, hard working, and have some job skills. Just don’t wait for the last minute to start applying for jobs. Start planning and applying during the springtime.

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