Summer Jobs For Teachers

Summer Jobs For Teachers

Getting summers off is awesome, and for some it’s an advantage of becoming a teacher. Of course, they don’t actually pay you for all that time off, and that can be pretty detrimental when it’s time to pay your rent and bills. Looking for a temporary summer job that can give you something fun and rewarding to do and help you pay those bills? Here are some ideas for filling those months off with exciting work:

Teach abroad

There are a lot of temporary teaching jobs you can take on overseas. Often times these jobs only last a few months, and are perfect for summertime. You may teach your usual subject to students abroad, or you might look for ESL-related teaching opportunities in other countries. Either way, you’ll get out and see the world and be doing work that is closely related to your regular employment.

Become a camp counselor

Camp counselor jobs are generally the perfect length of time since they span the summer months only. Usually these jobs do not pay all that well, but it is better than nothing, and room and board is usually included. If you can get into a managerial position, the pay will be higher. Since you are used to working with young people, you may be considered very well qualified.

Teach summer school

Your own school system or another one may very well have a job for you teaching summer school. This is a great way to make some extra money but work abbreviated hours.

Tourism-related jobs

There are many different seasonal work opportunities which involve tourism and hospitality. Parks which open during summer seasons and close other times of the year need summer staff members, and will recruit candidates from all different walks of life. You also might find summer employment on a cruise line. If you love the great outdoors or are looking for a way to travel and get paid, a summer tourism job may be ideal.

Seasonal farm work

If you are interested in getting your hands dirty and doing some intense physical work and learning a lot of useful life skills, seasonal farm work may be your cup of tea.

Those are just a few of the myriad different possibilities which are out there for summer seasonal work. Seasonal jobs are very different from the job you do full time. You’ll have the opportunity to meet new people, spend time in a new environment, and even learn skills you don’t currently possess.

If you excel in your summer position and build strong professional relationships, you may even be invited to reapply the following year. You’ll have a chance to get paid instead of spending all the money you worked so hard to earn during the school year, but you’ll still find time to get out and have some fun in the sun.

Summer work entailing travel can bring new and timeless experiences which you will remember for the rest of your life!

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