The Right Way To Follow Up After A Job Interview

Dr. Heather Rothbauer-Wanish

The Right Way To Follow Up After A Job Interview

The job search can be long, tedious, and full of many ups-and-downs before you find the perfect opportunity. Between sending resumes, attending networking events, and finally landing job interviews, the job search becomes a job itself.

It may be tempting-especially after a successful job interview-to wait for the phone to ring or the offer letter to arrive. Instead, focus on following-up with the interviewer and the company. It could be the difference between making an impact and being another forgotten interviewee.

During the interview, be sure to take notes and gather business cards for the interviewer. It is critically important to gather business cards when there is more than one interviewer. You will want to thank each person individually. In addition, taking notes will allow you to remember the items discussed. You can use these as reference points when writing the thank you documents.

Whether you incorporate one of the following ideas or all of them, remember that it is important the potential employer sees your name AFTER the job interview-you need to remain top-of-mind with the interviewer to make a lasting impact.

Tip #1 – Send a follow-up email immediately. After your interview (the same day or the following morning), craft a well-written email thanking the interviewer for his or her time. And, if there was more than one interviewer, then be sure to send separate emails to each person. Email allows for fast communication, in writing, and a way to touch the organization almost immediately after the interview.

Tip #2 – Mail a handwritten thank-you card. Because of today’s fast-paced environment and electronic communication, a handwritten thank you note really stands out and shows that you took the extra time to make an impact. Mention the interview itself, how excited you are about the possibility of working there, and include your contact information at the end of the card.

Tip #3 – Make a follow-up phone call. If four or five business days go by without hearing from the company, it is acceptable to make a follow-up call, inquiring about the position. Rather than being pushy, simply ask if the company is still interviewing and when a decision may be made.

Not sure what to include in a thank you email or a handwritten thank you note? Please see below for verbiage that can be utilized in either method. Remember-the more personal you can make the card, the more likely the company is to remember you and consider you for the job opportunity.

Sample Thank You Note

Dear Mr./Ms. ___________:

Thank you for your time yesterday-I enjoyed the interview for the _________ position with your organization.

During our interview, we discussed the skills needed, including __________, ____________, and ___________. While I possess these traits, I am also motivated to learn new tasks, exhibit strong teamwork in new situations, and display flexibility within changing environments.

I’m excited to collaborate with you and the other employees at _________ to make a positive, lasting, and ongoing contribution to the organization.

Please contact me at ________ if you have any questions. I look forward to your positive response.

Thank you,

Jon Smith

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