Tips For Snagging A Bigger And Better Manufacturing Position

Mary Elizabeth Bradford

Tips For Snagging A Bigger And Better Manufacturing Position

If you are looking for your next manufacturing role, maybe you want to step up your title or compensation package. Here are three key tips to help accelerate your success:

Your resume

Make sure your resume is written UP to your next position. The best way to ensure you have done this correctly is to begin at the end and then work backwards. Find a position online or within your company that reflects the next role you want.

Next, highlight the keywords and phrases that both match and resonate with you. These keywords should be the foundation of your resume (especially the first 1/3 page of your resume).

Look again at the words you have highlighted. Now ask yourself why you resonate with those keywords and phrases. When have you performed a similar responsibility and what was the result?

Don’t just write about what you do or did. Remember-when thinking about your accomplishments-to finish your story. Write about what happened when you did it!

Results-driven resumes demonstrate your leadership capabilities and give your readers trust in you.

Your LinkedIn profile

Make sure your profile keywords reflect the keywords in your resume so that you are attracting interest for the roles you want. Not the roles you are now-or soon will be-overqualified for.

Beef up your network to include people in companies that you want to work for. You can invite them and share that you are expanding your industry contacts. Find them through simple LinkedIn searches or in LinkedIn groups.

The more you connect with companies that fall within your interest, the more you are ensuring you can “be seen” when those companies are using LI as a search tool to find qualified candidates!

Your accomplishments

Keep track of your accomplishments: Give yourself and your career the credit they deserve.

Every 90 days, make a date with yourself and write down what your results and accomplishments were during those three months. Did you set something in motion that poised your company to make more money next year, improve customer service, or reduce expenses? Well, those are accomplishments!

Often we think about what we do in terms of our responsibilities. To move up in your career, start looking through a new lens. Think about how your contributions impact the company. Write about that impact.

Do you feel that you didn’t really do it all by yourself? That’s okay. Just state that you were a key contributor to the result. That will showcase a personality attribute that everyone admires-the willingness to share credit with other team members.

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Mary Elizabeth Bradford

Mary Elizabeth Bradford is an award-winning and internationally certified executive resume writer, coach, and former recruiter to top executives worldwide. She offers executive resume packages, supporting documents, recruiter distributions, and online career programs that help her VP to CxO Clients secure more interviews and offers.


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