Tips To Cure A Hangover Before Work

Tips To Cure A Hangover Before Work

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and that applies to your hangover, too. The best way to deal with a hangover is not to get one. We’re guessing that if you’re here, you already do, but you can follow our prevention tips in the future. We’ll then tell you how to get rid of the hangover you already have as quickly as possible so you can get on with your workday.

The best way to avoid getting a hangover is not to drink, but short of that there are still preventative measures you can take. One great way to prevent a hangover is to eat before you drink or while you’re drinking. Food in your stomach will absorb some of the alcohol, which will reduce its effects.

You can also try drinking water the night before you go to bed. The pounding headache you feel during your hangover is partly the result of dehydration. Water also can help your body to expel the alcohol more quickly. You can drink water while you’re drinking too.

If you already have a hangover, water is still a great way to recuperate, being as you still need to rehydrate.

Room temperature water is most effective. You also can add some lemon juice to your water, which can help sooth some of the nausea you’re likely experiencing. Juice and ginger ale are other acceptable choices. Coffee is tempting since you may think it would help with your fatigue, but it is highly acidic and can trouble your stomach even more. The caffeine won’t really help you with your hydration problem either.

You should also aim to get some healthy vitamins and carbohydrates into your body. Some toast and fruit are ideal for this.

You can also take a multivitamin. Consider replacing the electrolytes you’ve lost as well. The water can work for this, or you could try a sports drink like Gatorade. You can also try taking some painkillers, but don’t use anything which has acetaminophen, as this mixes dangerously with alcohol. You also may find a shower helpful. It can get rid of the dryness in your throat, help rehydrate you, and also soothe your headache and possibly some of your nausea.

Sleep is probably the best cure for a hangover.

You might want to wake up a bit early, have a little something to eat and drink, and then go back to sleep. Another idea is to have a glass of water handy to sip on throughout the night. That way you can rehydrate as you sleep when you wake for whatever reason. This may enable you to feel better by the time you have to get up and go to work. If you do try to get up and go to work while you have a hangover, you probably will make the headache worse, and you also may give a poor impression at the office.

If you’re experiencing a serious problem with alcohol, you should speak to a doctor, and if drinking to the point of experiencing hangovers is a regular event for you, you may also want to consider seeking help from a support group.

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