Tips To Help You Nail Your Next Job Interview

Tips To Help You Nail Your Next Job Interview

In today’s tough job market, it’s more important than ever to nail your job interview and to give yourself a leg up over your competition. It’s essential that you show your potential employer your personality and that you are creative and are able to improvise when needed. One of the best ways to show the human resources management or other employees this during an interview is through the questions you ask during and at the end.

Knowing what to ask and when to ask can make the difference in getting that position. Here are some good question ideas.

Find out what they’re looking for

While you could ask the simple question “What are you looking for in a candidate?” you should try to phrase it more uniquely. Consider this: “Once you narrow the field of candidates down to just a few based on their skills and experience, what will be the determining factors in making the final selection?” By asking this, you’re forcing the interviewer to give you a more up-front answer as opposed to the standard answer.

Ask about the work culture

Asking about the culture of the employer shows confidence because it shows that you’re already thinking about what the experience will be like once you are hired. You do need to be careful about what you ask and how you phrase it.

Asking about the hours you’re expected to work instead of the typical work schedule may make you sound lazy. Again, try to phrase your question in a unique manner. Ask, “Why do people choose to work for this company as opposed to your competitors?” A question like this gives the interviewer to draw from his/her own experiences, so you’re likely to get into a more casual conversation which always bodes well.

Another question to ask to get a sense of the culture while also shifting to a more casual conversation is, “What excites you about coming to work every day?” It may seem a bit odd, but again, it shows you are confident enough to already be thinking about working there.

Do some research and ask specific questions

Doing research before hand is a no-brainer, but really do some extensive research and get some facts and data that you can’t find by simply viewing the “About Us” section of the company’s website. Look at the company’s financial statements or find out about some recent transactions, and work it into a question such as “How could I help your company meet its goals?” Doing so shows your attention to detail, which is a quality every company desires.

Follow a question with a question

Whenever possible, follow up your question with another question that is based on the interviewer’s initial answer. Doing this shows you are both good at listening and that you are able to think on your feet because you are able to establish another legitimate question that is not pre-rehearsed. Employers find these very good qualities of any future employee.

At the end of the day, the important thing is to show your interviewer that you want and deserve the job more than any other candidate and asking questions like those mentioned will have you well on your way.

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