Ways You Can Be Happier At Work

Ways You Can Be Happier At Work

There are plenty of different reasons you might be unhappy at work. Maybe you hate your job—in which case, the best thing you can do is probably find a new one as soon as possible.

Maybe you don’t hate your job, but you’re bored during the day and just don’t like being so. In that case, making some adjustments to your lifestyle and your work habits could make you a little happier.

You can always look for a better job at the same time.

Perhaps you actually love your job, but it’s a high-stress occupation and you sometimes overwork yourself or get caught up in office drama. In which case, you need to take some time to slow down.

Here are some easy suggestions for becoming happier on the job, no matter what your situation is:

Get enough sleep

It’s amazing we don’t see this suggestion more often. You seriously need something like six to nine hours of sleep each night. Some people need more.

It’s tough to convince yourself to sleep when you barely have any free time as it is, but if you’re not sleeping, you’re not healthy. You will gradually feel worse and worse and more and more depressed.

Do something nice for your co-workers

Once in a while, doesn’t someone make your day by doing something nice? You could bring in free food, do a nice gesture for your co-workers or make the office look nice for the holidays.

Pay it forward and do the same for your co-workers now and again. The more people appreciate the things you do for others, the more leeway they’ll give you to be yourself in the office.

Find ways to honor yourself at work.

While having a firm work/personal life division can help you get through work, having too big a boundary can make you depressed on the job. Find ways to bring the things you care about into the office with you.

Here are some ideas:

  • Take a few minutes to catch up with friends and family on social networks during slow periods if you have a computer.
  • Bring your cell phone and call a friend or relative on your lunch break.
  • Bring a book and read that on your break.
  • Get outside and enjoy some fresh air.

Maintain a work/life boundary if it helps you.

Some people find the best way to cope with work is to separate it as much as they can from their personal lives. That way when they get home at the end of the day, they can leave work and its associated unhappiness at the office and really relax.

Again, if you really, really hate your job, you probably should be looking for another way to make money.

Maybe you could try going into business for yourself. That doesn’t mean it’s time to quit your job, but you can always be looking for alternatives.

Just make sure that you keep any job search confidential from your employer, or you may be fired.

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