What Is The Interviewer Looking For In A Candidate?

What Is The Interviewer Looking For In A Candidate?

As the interviewee, you know what you want out of a job interview. You want information concerning the position, compensation, and the company culture. But, did you stop and think about the person who will be interviewing you? Many individuals see the job interviewer as a hurdle they must jump over. Remember, your interviewer is a human being who is looking for clues as to how you will impress them in the job interview. We will explore the various facets of the job interviewer and how you can professionally perform at your next interview.

As the job seeker, you are looking for a position that meets all of your criteria, from finances to a challenging job opportunity. When you arrive to the interview and meet your interviewer, ask yourself if you have the proper chemistry. It is imperative to make the right first impression, while being comfortable with a complete stranger.

The Interviewer: What Are They Looking For in a Candidate?

Did you do your research on your interviewer? I hope that you did! I know it is hard to focus on the job interviewer, as you are too preoccupied with your performance. Be sure to take some time to understand and research your potential employer and how they fit into the organization. Before you meet with your potential employer, an internal recruiter will most likely screen you.

The internal recruiter is typically part of the human resources department and will see if you are worth passing on to the next round of the interview process.

An internal recruiter will ask you questions regarding your skill set, background, and qualifications. He/she is your link to the company; so do not be afraid to ask questions about the company or your potential interviewer. Once you have passed the internal recruiter’s standards, he/she will pass you on to the hiring manager, the hiring manager’s boss, or a direct reporter. Typically, the hiring manager is whom you will meet with for your first interview.

The interviewer will want to see if he/she can work well with you. Can you be trusted and responsible? Or are you the competition?

It is imperative to understand how you fit into the interviewer’s process. Think how he/she may be evaluating you.

  • What matters to the interviewer?
  • Is it your qualifications or personal achievements?
  • Do you have a strong rapport and pleasant personality?

It is important to be aware of what the interviewer may want out of you. Prepare questions for the interviewer and be sure to have relevant examples for your responses to their questions. Be sure to find common ground with the interviewer and do your research on their role within the company. Be sure to ask the internal recruiter for any information or background on the employer.

Gathering information on the interviewer or company will be beneficial to you in acing the interview. By understanding the interviewer and their process, you will have a greater understanding and respect for what they are trying to achieve.

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