What You Should Do When Preparing For A Video Interview

Erin Kennedy

What You Should Do When Preparing For A Video Interview

The use of video interviewing is becoming more popular each day. If you haven’t been a part of a video interview yet, you likely will be at some point in the future.

More companies are offering telecommuting opportunities to save on expenses like travel costs. Because of this, video interviews are becoming more and more popular.

You’ve worked hard to get to this spot, so you owe it to yourself to prepare for a video interview in the best way possible. The good news is preparing for a video interview is similar to preparing for a traditional interview.

Here are some aspects you don’t want to overlook.

Download the Correct Technology and Applications

Having the correct software is necessary. When talking with the potential employer, ask which application they use for video interviews. Then you can download it and explore it ahead of time.

Applications like Skype and Zoom are the most popular. They are easy to use. You also want to make sure your computer is fast enough to handle a video interview so there are no delays or lag times.

Make Sure to Test the App

You may be a tech savvy person, buy testing is crucial. Testing the application involves:

  • Making sure your camera works correctly
  • Ensuring you can connect to the application
  • Determining whether there are any transmission issues.

You don’t want to be struggling navigating through the app during the interview. Doing your testing in advance will make the process easier.

Do a Trial Run With a Friend

Just as you do a run through in preparing for a face-to-face interview, you should do a trial run for a video interview.

You may have shared your profile with a family member or friend to proofread. You can use them again to practice for a video interview.

You should be looking for are camera angles, lighting, and whether or not there is lag time. Even a one-second lag time can make it seem like you are interrupting the interviewer. You don’t want that to be an issue.

Presentation Matters

You may think that a video interview is not “professional” and your appearance isn’t as important. You are wrong.

Your LinkedIn profile should have a professional headshot. You need to match the professionalism in your video interview as well.

Just because you are interviewing from your home doesn’t mean you should dress casually. It’s tempting to wear shorts and only put on a nice shirt, since the interviewers will only see your upper body. If you have to get up for any reason, the embarrassment of not having dress pants on could be devastating.

Get Rid of Potential Distractions

Look around the space where the interview will take place. What items could be a distraction?

  • Is there a clock that makes a sound at the top of each hour?
  • What about any clutter in the background?

All of these may seem normal to you since you live with them. They can create huge distractions during a video interview. Take my advice and make the room you’re interviewing in look like a professional environment, as much as possible.

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking a video interview isn’t as important or professional as a face-to-face interview. This is the stepping stone to a 2nd interview or being hired. You should be prepared.

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