Winning Techniques For Your Next Group Interview

Winning Techniques For Your Next Group Interview

For many individuals who are comfortable with large groups, or work with many team members, group interviews may be simple to work through. For those individuals who are not used to working or speaking in large groups, group interviews may install fear and anxiety in the individual. We will dive further into how both an extrovert and introvert can improve upon their skill set to in order to be successful within a group interview setting.

Tips for Success at a Group Interview

1. Refine Your Listening Skills

Be sure to utilize your listening skills so that you are aware of what other individuals are voicing in their responses. It is imperative that you do not repeat the same answer as someone else, so be sure to listening intently. Both extroverts and introverts should pay attention to the interviewer’s response when someone else has responded to question. By utilizing your listening skills, you will be able to formulate a thoughtful and original response to the question.

2. Find Your Voice

Extroverts may have an easy time at displaying their listening skills, but you may also feel the urge to interject your opinion as well. Introverts may cringe at the thought of speaking, therefore, they may only listen instead of speak. How do you find a happy medium for both sides of the personality spectrum? Do not be afraid to voice your response, but be patient, as your turn will come to speak.

If the interview setting is more informal or you find other individuals voicing their opinions at random, you will have to find the right time to chime in. Declaring your opinion or response is important because if you choose not to speak, you will be overlooked. You do not have to shout and say, “Look at me!” Be sure to look for open opportunities to chime in or raise your hand to interject.

3. Be Professional

A group interview can be intimidating! You may find other applicants with impressive qualifications and feel the need to one-up their responses. Do NOT do this, as it is considered incredibly unprofessional. It is a competition in a sense, however, it is important to focus on the response as if you are sharing what qualifications, skills, and talents that make you unique.

Show to the other applicants that you are personable, yet three-dimensional. Formulate responses to correlate to the group as a whole and listen to the other team member’s responses. By thinking as a member of a team, you will show the interviewer that you are listening to each individual. Thank your group for their help when you are working together. Be respectful to your team members and remember to keep your responses professional.

4. Compose a Thank You Note After the Group Interview

Etiquette is important in all aspects of your life, especially within a job interview setting. Composing the perfect thank you note after a group interview is imperative, as it shows you are courteous and thoughtful. If you fail to follow up with a thank you note, whether it is handwritten or an e-mail, it could show your potential employer that you are uninterested in the position.

It may tell the interviewer that you are impolite and could be a deciding factor in your potential future at the company. It is your chance to not only thank the interviewer for their time, but an opportunity to reiterate your qualifications and interest in the position.

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