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Your #Resume should be updated regularly. For more reasons than a job search. Here are 5 times a resume will come i…
Are you unintentionally stalling your job search? Ream more on my blog -
A common mistake DIY resume writers make is solely focusing their document on job duties and responsibilities. You…
Are You Inadvertently Stalling Your Job Search?
Job Search Stalled?
If your resume is a spin-off of someone else’s brand or a copy and paste version of the job description provided by…
Your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile should be authentic to who you are and the unique value you offer.
Is Your Resume Tech Giant Ready?
Make sure your LinkedIn profile is optimized so employers / recruiters can find you.
Employers use social media to vet candidates and, among the reasons employers opt to not hire someone are –provocat…
Tired of Applying for 100s of Online Jobs & Getting No Response?
Your resume is and will always be a key component in your job search efforts but creating a foundation for your job…
Take the time to send a thank you note within 48 hours of your interview.
Keep all online discussions, comments, and photos professional! Remember, employers use SM to vet candidates. Keep…
Writing your own resume? Identify the pain points for companies you've targeted. What problems are they facing? How…

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35% of hiring managers immediately screen out candidates based on what they found on their social networking profiles. (source StatisticBrain).
Complete your LinkedIn profile. Make sure your photo is professional and your headline and summary are compelling.
Ask yourself "what do I want to do? how do my skills and experience align?" BEFORE you launch your job search. #JobSearch
The right resume writer will help you clarify who you are and the value you offer. This proves invaluable during the interview process too. #JobSearch
Give your job search a solid foundation by defining what you want, your professional identity, where you want to work / the work you want to do, and an action plan to get there.
If one of your goals is to find a new job, you will need a resume that conveys your unique career story with power and authenticity.
A true professional resume writer will take the time to help you define your unique value, guide you in unearthing relevant success stories, and ask you to clarify your career goals, target audience, and accomplishments.
Be bold and set yourself apart. -- Tammy Shoup, Certified Master Resume Writer
For your resume to take you where you want to go, it not only needs to articulate your strengths, accomplishments, and unique value, but also help you stand out from the stack on the hiring manager’s desk.
Writing your own resume? Identify the pain points for companies you've targeted. What problems are they facing? How are you the answer? Craft your document around this message.

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