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What a site to see!! https://t.co/fyuFr1mWnN
In Wyoming today. Beautiful https://t.co/1HO3F4uudg
My week on Twitter 🎉: 5 Mentions, 14 Mention Reach, 8 Likes, 1 Retweet, 454 Retweet Reach, 4 Replies. See yours wit… https://t.co/BetSP9hkWu
Hometown fave Harper joined by 7 in HR Derby https://t.co/pKCCTBGA5T via @MLB<< Simply awesome to see @astros playe… https://t.co/ZgkKSBVvvX
It is raining in Austin and I am not complaining at ALL! Keep the weather in the 70's in July. Unheard of here!
@pfspruiell Motley Crue? Yep on Poison!
Life of the Third Party: Why I Left Corporate Recruiting for Contingency. https://t.co/BjvBxxC70n
What is your favorite 80's hair band?
Power Rankings: Who is on top at the halfway point? https://t.co/evoJ81Ih5m @astros still team to beat.. @yankees @redsox are close!!
The 5th and 6th have been some of the most productive days all year. I'm ready for a real vacation...
My week on Twitter 🎉: 8 Mentions, 2.36K Mention Reach, 18 Likes, 1 Retweet, 298 Retweet Reach. See yours with… https://t.co/hnaRxvrDYF
@JeffGremillion1 Yes, can you believe it? How was oxford?
Checking out "10 Reasons Every Recruiter Must Start With an Agency" on RecruitingBlogs: https://t.co/Y5Lju8RutS
Listening to Nirvana. Man- these guys were good. Really good.
@EastSideStaff Not my favorite part of recruiting, but necessary! I don't know how people like sourcing all day!

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Cool article that cites Bulls Eye recruiting discussing how social media can grow businesses https://www.article-writing.co/how-recruiters-use-content-to-gain-more-business/
On June 21st, I will be doing my first Webinar for ERE talking about hiring in the summer. Join me if you can! https://www.ere.net/webinars/speed-up-during-the-summer-slowdown-how-to-make-hires-during-the-hottest-and-slowest-time-of-the-year/
When it is hot, it is hot! Bulls Eye Recruiting is looking for the following: VP Sales- Translation Services ( will consider anywhere in US) Sr Account Executive- Translation Services- Healthcare (anywhere US) General Manager/ VP- Brokerage Division- New Jersey Sr Account Executive- TPA Sales (anywhere US) Sr Rep Sales Manager-Manufacturing (Southern US) Recruiter- Dallas Sr. IT Services Sales- Digital Transformation- Dallas, Texas Sr, IT Services Sales- Digital Transformation- New York, NY Inside Sales- Downtown Austin ( 15 open roles) Please share with your Facebook/ LinkedIn network. http://bullseyerecruiting.net/open-jobs/
Bulls Eye Recruiting is looking for about 15 inside sales people in Downtown Austin. These are people that aren't afraid to cold call. 100% paid benefits, great promotional opportunities. Please send me an e-mail to will@bullseyerecruiting.net or jennie@bullseyerecruiting.net if interested and share with your networks!
Are you trying to answer the question "What are your salary requirements"? Here is my presentation from the Job Seekers Network that may give you some tools and tips. Take notes if you are in the job market. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P1_ZU8Euocw&feature=youtu.be
Here is a quick 10 minute podcast I did recently taking about how Bulls Eye Recruiting got started and what characteristics I look for in sales people. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aYU2Wt9SYgw&feature=youtu.be&utm_content=buffer38480&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook.com&utm_campaign=buffer
On Monday 2/5 (yes after the SuperBowl!) I will be speaking on salary negotiation. If you are in the market and would like to ask questions or learn more about what to say and do, please drop by. This will be at 12124 Ranch Rd 620 N, Austin, TX 78750 http://web-extract.constantcontact.com/v1/social_annotation?permalink_uri=2GEu9zm&image_url=https%3A%2F%2Fmlsvc01-prod.s3.amazonaws.com%2F8590f2d8001%2F5f8d0e7b-e5e7-4bee-96c0-4a9d58d059d2.jpg%3Fver%3D1505416066000
Losing a job is tough. Chasing employers is much harder than being chased. Here is how to get chased rather than doing the chasing. My latest. http://bullseyerecruiting.net/are-you-chasing-or-being-chased-by-employers/

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