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Here are a couple of ways to complement a strong resume and wow potential bosses in the job application process:
FAQ: "Do recruiters actually contact you on #LinkedIn?" Me: "YES—but it can depend on your discipline/career path." #JobSearchTips
Company policies have quite an impact on workplace culture—could be something to investigate when you’re researchin…
For practical #JobSearchTip and #WritingTip advice, sign up for my monthly newsletter:
"Is #LinkedIn worth it?"—Grad student during a career coaching session. "YES."—Me. @BeyondProf @FromPhDtoLife #JobSearchTips #withaPhD
Some helpful insights about appropriate times to supply a reference list:
#LinkedIn Tip: Including a picture of yourself on your profile greatly increases the chances of people viewing it.
“Often we want to run away from what we hate […] but if we don’t do the hard internal work of addressing and overco…
#LinkedIn Tip: Be careful of what you like, share, and comment on. That information appears on your profile page under your Activities.
RT @ipracademic: What a great compilation of #phdlife pieces of advice, by @HeidiGiustoCPWS. A great read. #withaPhD…
@ipracademic Glad you enjoyed it!
@FromPhDtoLife Well, you are! :)
Does #LinkedIn get your imposter syndrome all fired up? "I have to be a social media guru." "I wasn't a business ma…
#LinkedIn Tip: Customize connection requests and then thank each person for joining your #network.
RT @FromPhDtoLife: My friend @HeidiGiustoCPWS refers to me as a "serial entrepreneur" (!!) in this blog post (featuring me & a few other aw…

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If you're exploring new career directions, don't limit yourself to reading about different professions online (though that's an excellent early step!). Start reaching out to people working in fields that interest you. Formally called "informational interviews," the conversations you have with professionals willing to share their experiences will help you determine whether a particular path fits your interests, values, and skills. For more on how to request and conduct these interviews, check out this step-by-step guide from Career Transition Coach Tracy Jenkins, PhD:
Looking for guidance on taking your cover letter to the next level? Check out these tips:
When you read a job ad and feel defeated by the long list of qualifications, the problem could be the ad itself—not you:
Maybe you have a networking event coming up--or you've been consciously avoiding such functions because they sound awkward. In this article from my Transitioning PhD Series, scientist-turned-entrepreneur Mike Davies, PhD assures, "It is not a matter of if things get awkward; it's just a matter of when. Don't worry, it's not you, it's EVERYONE!!" He offers 3 easy ways to make socializing at these events less anxiety-inducing and more beneficial for your career transition:
There's a lot of great advice out there on resume writing. But if you're an academic making a career switch, you're probably seeking strategies that acknowledge your existing CV—and the challenges of repackaging all that experience for new audiences. Part of my job is helping people navigate the CV-to-resume changeover, and I want to share what I've learned in my years of coaching PhDs in transition:
Looking to build momentum in your career exploration and job search? Check out these five simple ways to set yourself up for success in 2018 from Career Coach Catherine Maybrey, PhD. I'm so thrilled my Transitioning PhD Series is on the list!
Do you feel like taking a job outside of academia means you're selling out or giving up the chance to have an intellectually rewarding career? These are common misconceptions that can hold you back in a big way. Here, Beyond the Professoriate's Jennifer Polk, PhD shares tips for freeing yourself to explore new directions, as well as real-life stories that prove it's possible to be happily employed off the tenure track:
When tackling a big challenge like a career change, it's so easy to fixate on doubts and insecurities and lose sight of all the valuable skills, experiences, and talents you possess. The solution? Try out this powerful, strengths-based approach to overcoming limiting beliefs that certified Career Transition Coach Tracy Jenkins, PhD wrote about for my Transitioning PhD Series:
As a part of career coaching, the culture of a company often comes up in discussion with my clients. This weekend, I witnessed the best type of company culture I can imagine when I participated in the Krispy Kreme Challenge as part of the Hallam-Ics team with Chris Giusto. What a fun time, and as a fan of The Office, I couldn't believe the movie the team created to show how and why they were doing the race. (And did I eat all 12 donuts? No, of course not. This is a challenge for younger stomachs!)
I'm excited to announce a new blog series dedicated to PhDs seeking careers outside of academia. I'm no stranger to the unique stress of forging a professional path off the tenure track, and through my experience I've learned skills and strategies to make the transition easier. If you'd like to hear other success stories and find out what it takes to launch a non-academic career, sign up today!

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