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RT @iRelaunch: When She Earns More: As Roles Shift, Old Ideas on Who Pays the Bills Persist by @tarasbernard in @nytimes : Great quote from…
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RT @neiltyson: In case you were wondering, one-third (95 out of 289) of all American Nobel Prizes in the Sciences have been earned by Immig…
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The latest CareerFolk Digest!
The latest CareerFolk Digest!
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Practicing what I preach! After a nonstop day, juggling work, family, and the nasty weather, I made it to the local monthly networking meeting. The word mentioned most often by the panel in relation to job search success is “human connection.” When was the last time you went to a networking event and met people in your community? #career #jobsearch ❤️ #community #stamford #careertransition
Do you struggle with being perceived as "too nice" or feel "taken advantage of" @work or in your #career? I appreciated being asked to comment recently (thanks @katiedwarren) on this issue that Fran Hauser writes about in her new book "The Myth of the Nice Girl." After coaching hundreds of women around assertive issues at work and in life, I strongly recommend the book considering what a pervasive issue it is (we need not look further than what's currently dominating the media). Having said that, and with all due respect to the power imbalances that remain ubiquitous in the workplace, men are not immune to the struggle either. I just finished coaching a male client who is in a new management role - I told him he needs to read this book. Look out for my upcoming review of The Myth of the Nice Girl and my main takeaways, or just read it yourself! Katie Warren addresses what it means to be a pushover in this great article, based on the book.
Many clients come to us after reading this article. We help you dig deeper to understand why you are stuck, or what you need to do to explore a new direction. We all need support to embrace a career transition. It doesn't matter what phase of life you're in, we all need objective professional support to help us make the best choices, or to understand how to get unstuck.
It's #equalpayday. Grateful to be quoted in this important article advocating for more transparency around compensation. Talking about salary is uncomfortable for most people. For women, it translates into not being able to advocate or negotiate higher compensation. Let's start to break this pattern. Everyone benefits. We can help you get comfortable talking about salary, so in the future, you're empowered to negotiate with confidence.
Today is #equalpayday. It is important to remember the ongoing inequalities that remain embedded in the marketplace today. Please read the article above where I am quoted, along with two other career coaches, on the need for more transparency in the workplace. It's precisely these inequities which compel us to advocate for such changes. #careermanagement
some of the most valuable career and life advice you’ll ever hear: Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts. Albert Einstein.
Nothing like receiving a message like this from a client who was so discouraged about his career prospects when he started working with me...but with coaching 5 sessions and some resume magic, he has succeeded! #careersuccess
A great opportunity to do what you love and make a difference Save the Children US. I helped a client land their dream job @Save the Children, now he's expanding the team! If you know someone who's a good fit for this role, I'm happy to forward their resume! #jobopportunity #Makingadifference.#Job opportunity: #Manager, #DigitalOperations
We helped a client land their dream job @Save the Children US, last month, now he's hiring: If your sweet spot is #digitalanalytics, They're looking for a Director of Digital Analytics and a Manager of #DigitalOperations. If you're a good fit, I'm happy to connect with you the key decision maker!
Everyone loves crazy socks! What a great story: people finding joy, making a difference and making a living. #youaretheboss #incomesecurity

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