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@VikingsSource Excited for you to come help us raise the banner on 9/6/18
RT @SInow: “HUNGRY DOGS RUN FASTER. AND THAT’S THIS TEAM!” Jason Kelce just lost his voice and delivered one of the greatest parade speech…
Super Bowl Losses: Nick Foles: 0 Tom Brady:3
@KyleBrandt You are an honorary Philadelphian
@USPSHelp Ebay item says it was delivered to agent, but the package isn't here. This was delivered with USPS First Class. Can you help?
Please help me in this breakfast food debate. Keep in mind all 3 are plain, with only butter and syrup. Which is best?
@Onlypult Website down?
@PRProAnn @Onlypult me too!
@YahooNoise I have kamara and Ingram. Should I sit Ingram with the toe injury and put Morris or Perine in his place?
@YahooNoise I have Ingram and kamara and Perine in flex. Do I trust Ingram’s toe or put Perine in and move Josh Gordon to flex?
@dhorn_asc ?
@ScooterMagruder 37-9
@rarebreedrel I’m trying to figure out the same thing. Right now leaning mckinnon
@KaylaJacque Thanks for sharing
@MikeSocratez04 Yeah he’s a better blocker but look for burton in red zone I️ guess

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No. Not looking forward to tomorrow.
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