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Dana Manciagli

Dana Manciagli offers tips and coaching for job seekers. She will teach you about how to get job interviews and land a job quicker. Dana Manciagli’s blog has a collection of videos and blogs which will give you expert advice

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@HomeDepot Worst customer experience. Just spoke to customer service and the local store cancelled my order W802728514. Lame.
@PapaJohns Ordered 45 minutes ago from 10222 10th Bellevue cuz it's so late-owner said "we're busy, it's Saturday night". Nice! Idiot.
3 keys to starting and running a business with your spouse. 1. Designate specific roles 2. Show respect Read on: https://t.co/IViq8PE8Tr
Want a private job search coach? Unlimited access to one is available NOW for just $97/month. https://t.co/FYkMbHRNsv #jobcoach
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What can leaders and HR professionals do to combat bullying? https://t.co/PpVNJohH6g #Workplace #bullying
Offer recognition programs that provide rewards based on demonstrating core values. https://t.co/im9dh8MfjI #workplace #careeradvice
3 tips on engendering a workplace for the next wave of female leaders. https://t.co/P39TBwd9OE #womeninbusiness
Organizations should regularly check in to see if their employee’s needs are being met. https://t.co/5GH2UpkJl9 #employeemanagement
Discover Dana Manciagli’s best tips for landing your dream job FAST! https://t.co/FYkMbI9ok3 #dreamjob #careertips

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Veterans and Military Spouses, RIGHT NOW, and for the next 48 hours, learn the main steps for job searching FREE at the Civilian Boot Camp. I'm privileged to share the steps from my Job Search Master Class for Veterans and Military Spouses. Get 5 free handouts at the end of the presentation, too! We Hire Heroes Network, one of the leading #veteran employment resources on the web with over half-a-million veteran-friendly job listings, announces that registration is now open for the first-ever Civilian Boot Camp for Veterans and Military Spouses. Learn how to job search NOW at http://civilianbootcamp.com/summit/ With the All-Access pass, you can listen to all of the fabulous experts at any time.
I’m bored at work; am I the only one? #smallbusiness #productivity #career #danamanciagli
That’s my dream job! What should I do before I apply? #dreamjob #apply #prepare #danamanciagli
Please make it stop! How am I supposed to deal with all this political drama in the office? #politics #workplace #officedrama #danamanciagli
There will be competency-based questions in my next job interview, what do I do now? #interview #competency #smallbusiness #danamanciagli
Where’s my “Work-Life-Balance Tool Kit” when I need it? #balance #business #danamanciagli
Our Job Search Master Class is the perfect tool for today’s job market! Check it out here: https://www.danamanciagli.com/courses/
Are distractions destroying your staff’s ability to work? #smallbusiness #productivity #workplace
Seattle friends, please forward and/or attend! FREE 2-hour live, face-to-face workshop on the entire job search process. I'm presenting! Whether you are searching for a job, considering a career change, or just interested, join us for an action-packed workshop on the critical steps for job search success. Relevant for all levels from college graduates and young professionals to baby boomers. Bring your tough questions, too! This event is open to the public; invite your family and friends. Commit 2 hours on Thursday night, May 17, in Bellevue, and you will learn the best techniques to stand out in your job search process. You will learn every step you need to take and major dos and don’ts. You'll also receive a template for an impactful résumé and cover letter. And, we will cover LinkedIn and interviewing skills. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/master-the-job-search-process-in-two-hours-free-seminar-tickets-45388416977
Should I look for a new job? I think it’s time… #careerchange #business #danamanciagli

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