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Dana Manciagli offers tips and coaching for job seekers. She will teach you about how to get job interviews and land a job quicker. Dana Manciagli’s blog has a collection of videos and blogs which will give you expert advice

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@HomeDepot Worst customer experience. Just spoke to customer service and the local store cancelled my order W802728514. Lame.
@PapaJohns Ordered 45 minutes ago from 10222 10th Bellevue cuz it's so late-owner said "we're busy, it's Saturday night". Nice! Idiot.
3 keys to starting and running a business with your spouse. 1. Designate specific roles 2. Show respect Read on: https://t.co/IViq8PE8Tr
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Offer recognition programs that provide rewards based on demonstrating core values. https://t.co/im9dh8MfjI #workplace #careeradvice
3 tips on engendering a workplace for the next wave of female leaders. https://t.co/P39TBwd9OE #womeninbusiness
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