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#JobSearch101: Have a professional voicemail set up on your phone-keep your message brief and your contact information clearly stated.
#CareerChangers: Working from home may cost you some benefits and perks, but the flexibility could make it worthwhile. #giveandtake
#ResumeTip: Before you start writing, think about what you want to do, what you're passionate about and where you w… https://t.co/Mm4cM9qYKT
Hiring managers and recruiters use #keywords to find candidates. Do you have the right keywords in your #resume and… https://t.co/y7kEPabFoM
Be selective with the endorsements you list and accept on your #LI profile. "Financial Management" sounds way more important than "Finance".
Visit our #Facebook page! Share job search tips, interview hints, and career news for our clients and colleagues! https://t.co/DUtZkPnGnS
A professional #resume is an investment. Before you wipe away the chance to have one created due to the cost, think… https://t.co/wbeKmUHt3v
Is your LinkedIn profile a standout, or just background noise? #linkedinadvice https://t.co/hJjsoHotDk
Over 70% of recruiters prefer to see a #LinkedIn URL on a candidate's resume? Is your URL on your resume? Wait...do… https://t.co/vAfFeuPCiC
#ResumeTip: When employers search databases, they use keywords as the basis for the search. Do you have the right k… https://t.co/9btjkRaUor
#CareerChangers: You should have some type of training for the career you're seeking-highlight in on your #resume.
#Execs: What are you doing to motivate your employees? How do you engage them in the business? Allow them to design… https://t.co/buLslGRjvw
Have you fallen for this scam? https://t.co/I0CFgt9pLa #jobsearchadvice @forbes
A #resume that markets you & generates interviews is an investment into your future! Is it time for you to make tha… https://t.co/A4RtYG8ksF
Typos on your #LinkedIn profile are an easy way to sink your chances of getting the job. "Manger" and "Manager" are two different things.

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Is your LinkedIn profile a standout, or just background noise? #linkedinadvice http://bit.ly/2L3ZpKt
Have you fallen for this scam? http://bit.ly/2GmADlh #jobsearchadvice @forbes
Is that rejection a roadblock, or a learning opportunity? It’s up to you.
When you’re trying to fit into a new work environment, avoid showing anyone up. Don’t rock the boat too soon, and you’ll be able to shine without making waves in time.
Networking is key for anyone on the job market. Here are 5 ways to do it better: http://bit.ly/2GmKhnO #linkedintip
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Never assume that anything online is private. Recruiters will check your online presence - even the things you don’t want them to see. Be discreet, be professional, be kind.
The first month can make or break your experience at a new job. Here’s how you can make a good first impression #jobsearchadvice http://bit.ly/2GlV5mk
They key to a successful job search is mastering the basics #jobsearchtips http://muse.cm/2GnIaA2 @themuse
If you can wait to start your job search, hold off until the late summer when there’s less competition.

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