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Whether you’re charting your career path, planning for growth, considering a career change, or haven’t needed a resume in ten-plus years, these resume writing tips are timely advice you need to hear.
A comprehensive resume writing guide specifically designed for those in pharmaceutical, medical device and biotech industries. 64+ tips, resources, examples and more so you can alleviate the stress of writing your own resume. #pharmaceutical #medicaldevice #biotech #resume #tips
I think age discrimination in the hiring process is RIDICULOUS. Until that changes (and I hope that's soon) here are three tips for handling the age factor on your resume without dating yourself. #resume #tips #agediscriminationisridiculous
Whether you are breaking into pharmaceutical sales, desire a position as a research and development engineer, or you want to move up to management in medical devices, here are some great tips from experienced resume writers and industry experts you can use now.
Remove any resemblance to a traditional cover letter’s opening line. Get rid of “To Whom It May Concern” or “Dear Hiring Manager.” Technology is so advanced that I can type in a name and get a list of addresses and a Google Earth map. Creepy, yes. But it’s just that easy to spend a couple of minutes finding out the name of the person in charge of hiring for the position you want. Jump on LinkedIn, do your research, and find the person’s name. Address your cover letter to that person. If you receive a general email “Dear Valued Member” or a direct mail piece “Dear Recipient at 12345 Main Street” you know already they don’t know who you are and it’s spam. Impress the employer by taking the time to find their name.
Remember to be real and genuine when you write your cover letter. I promise you that employers have read enough canned, regurgitated content to last them a lifetime. Be yourself, share why you’re passionate about the company, interested in the position, what you can bring to the table and why it should matter. They’ll appreciate your honesty and enthusiasm, not to mention the fact that it’s sincere. How do you avoid a cover letter that reads like a template?
Easy-to-implement cover letter strategies that you can put into action now.
Here's a great formula to put together bullet points that will help you to write and share your story on your resume: Start with the result: EXAMPLE RESULT: Generated $3M in revenue growth. Talk about the steps/action you took to resolve the problem. ACTION: Repaired damaged client relationships and restored trust with three multimillion-dollar client accounts. Share the problem or pain point: PROBLEM: When I stepped in as sales executive, the company had lost 15 of their major client accounts. There are several different formulas you can use to elicit the same material and the information can even be reversed. What's your best strategy? The goal is to find these little golden nuggets of problems solved and resolutions found. Save them in your master resume file to use later when working on your resume!
Examples of terms that are vague and should NOT be on your resume: results-driven successful/accomplished excellent communicator who also happens to be a "great team player" What words do you think should be left off a resume?

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