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Technology Can Play an Important Part In Today’s #EmployeeExperience - #HR Bartender #talentacquisition…
What You Need to Know About California’s New Data Privacy Law (via @HarvardBiz) #HR…
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Improve #Performance - - by Expanding Your Solutions - #HR Bartender #business
Technology Can Play a Significant Part In the #EmployeeExperience Today - #HR Bartender #Recruiting…
RT @silkroadtweets: The candidate experience tells potential new hires what they are to expect as an employee. This means employers need to…
The 7 Skills You Need to Conduct an Effective Job Search Today - #HR Bartender #business
This - - Why Job Seekers Aren’t Finishing Your Application via/ @silkroadtweets #HR #Recruiting…
Technology Can Play a Big Part In Today’s Employee Experience - #HR Bartender #business #EmployeeExperience…
One Bad Employee Lowers Team Performance Up to 40% (via @Leadershipfreak) #business
Technology Plays a Big Role In the Employee Experience - #HR Bartender #leadership #technology…
Technology Plays an Important Part In the Employee Experience - #HR Bartender #talentacquisition…
From @ThisIsSethsBlog: Cheap shower curtains #business
5 great activities successful people include in their morning routine via/ @WorkLifeTweets #business…
Employee #Retention Is Everyone's Responsibility - #HR Bartender #TalentAcquisition #EmployeeEngagement…

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From our great friends at Silkroad Technology - - focus on the candidate experience to get the best applicant flow.
Technology drives today's labor market. It's more than just a tool though - for businesses, it can be a differentiator.
The newest labor market sees employees getting more freedom to focus on their own priorities. We have to be prepared - - this may not always be a smooth transition.
Is organizational culture more important - - or is it leadership? The effectiveness of your engagement, recruiting and retention strategies depends on HR knowing the answer.
HR is the Architect of Work - - building your workforce plan requires an effective strategy and just the right techniques.
From PeopleResults by Alexandra Levit - - Action steps to help bridge Middle Skills Gaps.
If you missed the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) Annual Conference, or just want some helpful resources, here are some links and tips you can use today!
From our friends at Association for Talent Development - ATD - - - Manager Onboarding webcast. Hope you can join us!
For optimal performance, we need quick solutions to workplace problems. Expanding solution resources helps!
Managers can't expect employees to just conform to their leadership style. Managers need training on how to lead and coach a diverse workforce.

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