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It is as cold as it looks @ Cape Bridgewater
#couldhavewarnedme before I walked @ Cape Bridgewater
Thanks so much for that shout out Jacquie!
To approach an employer directly for a job address these 4 key points first!
Hi @LinkedInEditors Just posted this on LinkedIn. Your twitchy listening "skills" can do more damage than you thin…
Want to stand out on LinkedIn? Here's how to write about your achievements to help recruiters take notice …
[Make Me Care Now] How to write about your achievements on LinkedIn to make recruiters take notice
RT @Kon__K: If you’re outraged that #Trump plans to now indefinitely imprison families seeking asylum you need to know he learnt that from…
RT @thegoodlife_gen: Join Career Chat over Coffee when Gen is helping Donna at The Goldfields Track Cafe recruit a new kitchen staff member…
RT @cjcanters: I’m all about doing little things to push yourself out of your #comfort#zone, but doing #standup com…
@phyllismufson @CareerTrend Thanks Phyllis - hope you are well!
#catsofinsta #catsoftheday #cats…
How to write about your value on LinkedIn [to help you get headhunted]
Instead of being so noisy, could our personal brands be about being quiet?
#hiking Gorgeous day bush bashing and yacking up…

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Welcome to 2017! Make a splash and wait to see what happens.
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What legacy do you want to leave, when you leave your current role?
Instead of dismissing skilled migrants for what they don’t have, why don’t we hire them for what they do bring?
Call me baby on your voice mail and if I’m ringing you about a job I might not leave a message
How to write an eye popping achievement statement on your resume that makes a recruiter sit up and take notice
Why it’s more than time for name blind CVs!
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