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I commend the TSA for finding and disposing of my toothpaste i accidentally put in my carry-on. #keepMyFlightSafe
This week I had an incredible experience at the annual @bamboohr summit (customer conference. All day today is hang… https://t.co/acfHzLEC3y
Job and Career PTSD - have you been through anything like this? Comment on the blog... https://t.co/QmD6AvdJlQ
How I Found a Job (and the $300 suit): https://t.co/wIOoC3F5un
I've been scouring the web for great HR podcasts and found only one that is exceptional. Kudos to Brandon Laws for… https://t.co/kfbcnj4eVl
In 20 minutes my boss is doing a free thought leadership webinar on the employer brand: https://t.co/0wbL2n3NF2
I was at an HR event this week and a thought that kept through my mind was "the CEO is the most important HR person… https://t.co/NnKMtAWosP
My company (@bambooHR) is passionate about helping create great places to work. Here's a super article about what h… https://t.co/19qx6BD9JY
@StacyZapar that is so cool to hear. I enjoyed our chat and your enthusiasm. Would love to reconnect... email me an… https://t.co/XlYpNAfLgP
Just changed my profile image on Twitter and LinkedIn. Even though I'm more bald now than about 12 years ago, this… https://t.co/IrUjOsfnnT
One of the cool people I've met over the years (many years ago) continues to innovate in her space (recruiting, HR)… https://t.co/lkEQvgvDXN
I love this quote about microlearning (for solving problems) and macrolearning (for skill development). I have seen… https://t.co/OfEHvM0UlL
https://t.co/BmQya0q4V8 helps you organize your job search and manage contact relationships. That was the goal 12 y… https://t.co/c1TjwTkRaa
@SQLThugette @pluralsight My course made someone giggle. Score! :)
Surprisingly, this is one of my top courses on @Pluralsight. I think it will be my most popular course soon. https://t.co/0FPi5JIjyW

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JibberJobber helps you organize your job search and manage the relationships you have with your contacts. That was the goal 12 years ago, and it remains the goal today. Alternatives include a temporary Excel spreadsheet... but why use something temporary for your career management?
There is hope after the job search. Here's what I've learned: https://www.jibberjobber.com/blog/2018/02/15/lessons-learned-from-my-first-real-job-in-12-years/
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📧 Interested in United Kingdom or United States Shenko S Incorp - News https://careersshenko.us | Find Jobs Company Reviews Find Salaries Find Resumes Employers / Post Job. Firewall Safe.
Now you can @ and # in JibberJobber Log Entries...
10 Reasons to Frequent Job Clubs https://www.jibberjobber.com/blog/2017/09/25/10-reasons-to-frequent-job-clubs/
Second widget... this is for a calendar tied into your JibberJobber account, anytime you are on Chrome: https://www.jibberjobber.com/blog/2017/09/14/new-jibberjobber-widget-your-calendar/

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