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As a women's career success coach, Kathy Caprino helps you find -- and clear -- the pathway to your career bliss.

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The 12 Hidden Crises Working Women Face And Where They Come From via @forbes
On this week’s episode of my podcast Finding Brave, find out how trauma and stress affects the brain, and the way c…
“Being intentional about getting connection into our lives really is not just a want, it’s a need.” Hear more on Fi…
Check out the latest episode of my podcast @FindingBrave , “The Epidemic of Loneliness In the Workplace and How To…
What Your Injuries and Chronic Health Problems Are Trying To Tell You
When She Earns More: As Roles Shift, Old Ideas on Who Pays the Bills Persist
3 Questions To Ask Yourself When Everything You’ve Tried Has Failed
Inspiring and courageous - Michael J. Fox: Working towards cure for Parkinson's "one of the great gifts of my life"
How Emotional Courage Is Essential To Great Leadership, And Why So Many Lack It via @forbes
The Top 8 Things People Deeply Long For and Can't Seem To Get (or Keep)
On this week’s episode of my podcast Finding Brave, find out what happens when we repress our feelings. My inspirin…
“Emotional courage is the willingness to feel everything.” Hear more on Finding Brave, “Leading With Emotional Cour…
Check out the latest episode of my podcast @FindingBrave , “Leading With Emotional Courage,” with bestselling autho…
Honored to be quoted in this helpful piece - An Attorney’s Guide to Changing Careers Without Catastrophic Financial…
@kristenaldridge My absolute pleasure to feature the uplifting work of @justluminate in my @Forbes blog. Thanks so…

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If any of these 12 hidden crises resonate with you today, the time is now to "find brave" and make some significant changes - via Women@Forbes
Happy to share that my dear friend Melanie Miller is offering a special workshop to help you connect with your spiritual guides and angels. Do check it out! Melanie's awesome!
As one who's experienced a great deal of narcissism in my life and career, I know first-hand the incredible damage it causes. If you're ready to understand more clearly how the narcissists in your life have affected you, and what to do about it, take my 6-part webinar training series, co-hosted with marriage and family therapist Janneta K. Bohlander. This series teaches you exactly what you've been facing, how it's impacted you and how to heal through it. #training #howto #healing #narcissism #FindingBrave
“It was really a life-changing experience, but it made me realize I’m hardwired to connect, as we all are. When we don’t have that connection in our lives we dysfunction,and that’s what’s happening today.” - Mike Stallard Listen to the preview for this week’s episode, “The Epidemic of Loneliness In the Workplace and How To Cure It, with Mike Stallard.” Then head over to to hear the full episode.
There’s an epidemic of loneliness today in America and other democracies around the world that makes people less resilient in coping with stress. This week, on my podcast Finding Brave, Michael Lee Stallard, keynote speaker, author and President of Connection Culture Group, shares the serious outcomes of low connection coupled with a high level of stress, and how human connection is a superpower that makes you healthier, happier and more productive. Listen →
I've found in my own life, and in working with thousands of people around the globe, that our injuries and our chronic ailments are not random. They're telling us something vitally important but are we listening? Here's what to know - via Thrive Global
Intriguing data and info here on what happens in relationships when the woman earns more, and how society's old (gender rigid) ideas have not yet shifted - via The New York Times
Are you sick of the same tough challenges you keep facing that don't seem to improve? It's time to look deeper at the root...
What an amazing example of #FindingBrave - Michael J. Fox and The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research's passion and commitment to finding advanced therapies and an ultimate cure for Parkinson's. - via
Excited to share my Forbes interview with the inspiring Peter Bregman today, on emotional courage - why it's essential to great leadership, why so many leaders and professionals lack it, and how to get it. Check it out!

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