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As a women's career success coach, Kathy Caprino helps you find -- and clear -- the pathway to your career bliss.

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Thank you for joining me @EngageATron!
Thank you for a great interview! RT @DeloitteUS: Read more about #BusinessChemistry and the latest book by…
The Four Key Working Styles That Create Business Chemistry -- Which Is Yours? via @forbes
The One Thing I Wish I Had Known At 22 That Would Have Changed My Life via @thrive
LAST CHANCE to join me for my FREE webinar Tues at Noon EST - learn "The Biggest Mistakes Career Changers Make: How…
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I was very moved, uplifted and inspired.. Here's what you thought about Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's wedding…
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On Finding Brave, Lilian Ajayi-Ore shares how you can pursue your passion and purpose, and why fear doesn’t have to…
“When I feel afraid, I tell myself I’m on to a great thing.” Hear more on the recent episode of my podcast, “How T…
Check out the latest episode of my podcast @FindingBrave , “How To Achieve Your Potential By Embracing Your Passion…
Desperate to get out of your career that's making you so unhappy? Don't leap. Instead, do something empowered about…
5 Steps To Speaking Up Powerfully When You Feel You Can't via @forbes
Longing to shift your career to something happier but not sure how to do it? Join me for my LIVE webinar May 22nd a…
If you chose to focus on doing ONLY what makes you happy, what would you do more of today? Please share!…

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Understanding and embracing our different styles, preferences and approaches helps create powerful business chemistry and supports individuals and cultures to thrive. - via Forbes, Women@Forbes
For all new and recent graduates, I hope you'll read this. There was one critically important thing I wished I had known when I graduated from college. If I had, my life trajectory would have been very different. - via Thrive Global
LAST CHANCE to join me Tuesday at Noon EST for my free LIVE webinar for professionals wanting to make a change in their careers. Learn how to do it wisely, without costly missteps! And sign up even if you can't make a live - you'll receive a link to the recording after the event. See you there!
I was extremely moved and uplifted by the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. The inclusion, diversity and openness (and change) it represents is so very inspiring to me. What did you think? - via ABC News
Hello Kathy, Gia Marie Johnson Colorado Technical Engineering Computer Technician-in-training with CBT campus- Learning pathway to Cybersecurity Engineering Growing up, I endured bullying and intimidation from classmates which led to adult pain in relationships. Today I have no problem standing up for myself, however, I do believe I must learn to be less bold and boisterous. I know that this type of behavior is not tolerated professionally. Would your podcast cover any of the elements I've mentioned?
Don't forget - join me on May 23rd at 1pm EST if you want FREE hands-on help to power up your LinkedIn profile and presence!
“I force my students to really challenge their minds to ignite both the right side of their brain and the left side of their brain. So they bring in critical and creativeness, and when those two things mix together, it’s just beautiful.” - Lilian Ajayi-Ore Listen to the preview below and then head over to to hear the full episode.
Today’s Finding Brave episode features Lilian Ajayi-Ore, who is not only a disruptive leader realizing her own tremendous potential, but someone who has created a global movement showing others how to do the same in their own lives. You’ll hear how you can pursue your passion and purpose, and why fear doesn’t have to stand in your way if you learn how to reframe and even embrace it. Listen →
Desperate to get out of the career you have that's making you so unhappy? Don't leap (I call that the "Pendulum Effect"). Instead, do something empowered about it. Join me on May 22nd at Noon EST for my FREE webinar on HOW to change your career without damaging mistakes. Hope you'll join me! (Sign up even if you can't make it live - we'll send you the recording).
Longing to shift your career to something happier but not sure how to do it? Join me for my LIVE webinar May 22nd at Noon EST!

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