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What Is Your Personal Brand? Five Strategies to Leverage Your Most Powerful Professional Asset
Why gratitude is totally work appropriate:
RT @outline: Here is something pure and lovely
Great news - congrats! @cheddar, the ‘CNBC for Millennials,’ Raises $22 Million for International Expansion
Seeking actionable advice on how to take advantage of the opportunities of today’s cross-generational workforce? Wa…
RT @muhkayluhz: Hey @Progressive I'm not a huge fan of your new "act your age" ads. I'm not sure who you talked to but you should probably…
When it comes to desired leadership style, “command and control” management has transitioned into a desire for “coa…
40% of Baby Boomers today believe “most people can be trusted,” compared to 19% of millennials.
If you're a new leader, remember that you can set the tone:
A thank you note has one purpose: to show gratitude for people’s time and expertise. Your note doesn’t have to be l…
65% of Traditionalists (born 1922 to 1845) were married by age 32, compared to 26% of millennials.
As you head into the weekend, here are some easy ways to get a conversation started. #networkingtips
Happy Freedom of Information Day!
How Millennial CEOs Are Adapting To Generation Z
Love to see my favorite business newsletter @MorningBrew on @ProductHunt today! Give them an upvote! #upvotethebrew

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Happy Freedom of Information Day! #freedomofinformationday #publiclibraries
What should millennials do when they are tapped for a manager role before they feel ready? Among my favorite questions during this interview with Sarah Hill, CEO of Bookstr #millennialleaders #leadership #emergingleaders
Six Ways MIllennials Are Changing America
What's a leadership quality buzzword that you actually *like*?
What if generational change isn't an obstacle to overcome, but a business and personal opportunity? Watch the hour-long webinar below for actionable tips and advice. 👇
An Ernst & Young, LLP survey found that 62 percent of millennials already manage the work of others, and another survey reports that almost 40 percent of Americans report to a boss who is younger than they are. This is why I recently offered my first ever public webinar on the topic of “Managing the Multigenerational Mix.” (the link is in my March newsletter).
“To read a 2013 article in Time magazine calling millennials ‘lazy, entitled, selfish and shallow’ feels like having dozed off years ago and woken up just in time to see history repeated.” | How Much Is Anyone ‘Entitled’ To, in the End?
Each new generation brings fresh ideas and approaches to existing problems. #NeverAgain
In 2018 I am eager to make “progress” on my goal of creating more products and services for my community, and that’s why I’m so excited about this webinar. And the topic couldn’t be more timely.
Millennials are leading in different times and also see the world in a different way. The goal of this book is to be the first-ever leadership book designed specifically for these new Millennial leaders' unique needs. #millennialleaders #becomingtheboss

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