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Being laid off is devastating and can leave you reeling and unsure of how to face the future. One executive coach s…
Artists Repertory Theatre is #hiring a Managing Director. #pdxjobs #hiring
Don’t get discouraged by #networking. @sarahesterman says you should ask folks in your network to introduce you to…
Getting rejection is never easy to hear, but relying on friends & family for support can help. Get more…
Hiring managers look for candidates who are team oriented, results-driven, and who work with integrity. Along with…
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As you move forward in your #career, have you taken the time to pause and consider where you've come from and how y…
Portland Internetworks is #hiring a Customer Account Manager. #pdxjobs
.@OregonHumane is #hiring a Donor Relations Manager, Legacy Gifts. #pdxjobs #newjob
Pacific Research and Evaluation is #hiring a Marketing and Business Development Manager. #pdxjobs #careers…
"What it takes to become a successful leader is not what you need to remain a leader." For long-term success in you…
The ability to take calculated risks is an essential skill for any CEO. Learn about the traits and skills you need…
.@RoseCityRollers is #hiring a Administrative Assistant. Salary: $17/hr. #pdxjobs
Home Builders Association of Metro Portland (Lake Oswego, Oregon) is #hiring a COO / VP of Finance and Administrati…

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Job hunting can be a depressing, discouraging endeavor, especially when you’re constantly receiving rejection letters. Lori Aoki shares how she stayed motivated, found support and landed a job after a year-long job hunt.
Have you tried speed networking? It's just like speed dating, without the romance. Discover new ways to make important professional contacts.
Your former co-workers are the best people to ask for feedback when assessing your professional brand. Utilize your network to grow and clarify what you want to stand for.
If you're hiring, reference checks can feel like a chore that don't add much to your process. But you can rethink this step, maximize the information you get from references, and better inform your hiring choices.
After 15 years in one industry, Nick Bradshaw was looking to make a career change. So he crafted key messages to highlight his strengths and convince potential employers that hiring him would be a good investment. Sounds simple, right? But it takes hard work to pull this off! Bravo, Nick, you did it!
Are you focused on the right numbers when it comes to your job search? Instead of tallying up generic online applications for jobs you're not sure you want, set goals to track what really matters in finding a meaningful career: connecting with other professionals, learning, and giving back.
Here at Mac’s List, we’re always striving to share awesome career resources. And there was a huge resource right under our noses! Recently, Mac's book, “Land Your Dream Job in Portland (and Beyond),” hit the shelves at Multnomah County Library. That was exciting enough, but then we discovered that the library has an exceptional collection of FREE career resources that can take your job search to the next level! So much more than great books for job seekers, you can join a local job seekers support group or test your knowledge in the LearningExpress library of online exams. Excited to continue partnering with this great local org! Learn more here:
The summer months can be a hectic and crazy time for working parents, especially if you’re job hunting. One of Mac’s List’s own working parents shares how you can successfully find a new job and manage your time without losing your mind!
What should you do when you start a new job and hate it? Before asking for your old job back, take some time to evaluate why you left in the first place.
Many of us feel lost and confused in our careers. It helps to have a trusted mentor to turn to. But how do you actually find a mentor? We asked career expert Marci Alboher.

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