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Land your next great job! Mac's List shares the best Portland job openings and our resources help job seekers learn skills to improve the job search.

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The process of landing your #dreamjob includes learning how to market yourself skillfully to potential employers.
J. R. Johnson Inc. is seeking Construction Workers, Painters, and Foremen. #pdxjobs #orjobs
Can't find the right candidates for your #joblisting? Examine your hiring process & find out what you can do to cre…
Trillium Family Services is hiring a Controller. Salary: $65,000/yr. #pdxjobs #orjobs
Being a #digitalnomad gives you plenty of freedom to spice up your workday routine. Here are a few stellar ideas to…
.@thesquarepdx is hiring an Event Director. #pdxjobs #orjobs
Differentiate yourself from the competition during your #jobsearch with these unconventional approaches.
.@bolywelch is hiring a Director of National Sales. #pdxjobs #orjobs
Follow these 5 tips to make sure you pull off your #career switch with flying colors.
.@bolywelch is hiring a Tax Accountant. Salary: $57,000/yr. #pdxjobs #orjobs
#Weekend goal: Write a simple "about me" page on your professional website that will wow prospective employers and…
Sometimes you just need someone to understand what you're going through. #Network with fellow job seekers who can h…
Enlightened Theatrics (@ElevatingSalem) is hiring a Managing Director. Salary: $80,000/yr. #orjobs
Thanks to social media, it's more important than ever to leave your job gracefully. #careertips
Success in your #jobsearch starts with curiosity. Take the time to chat with your colleagues, discover new opportun…

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If you're struggling to find work in Portland, don't give up! Take action with our proven eight-step roadmap for finding great Portland jobs. #pdx #pdxjobs

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