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You can’t win a race you don’t start.
Hope is NOT a career strategy.
@JLanie Love it!
Closing The Skills Gap That's Holding AI Back via @forbes @adigaskell @LearningHouse
You don't find time for things, you make time for things.
RT @rrpre 'I missed a lot': Bill Gates regrets not partying and going to football games at Harvard
People aren't successful because of one specific thing but many coming together at once.
No one owes you anything.
The world will keep dictating your life until you decide to dictate your own.
RT @SarahFKessler: Here it is: The very first copy of Gigged!
What makes you weird, makes you unique and therefore makes you stand out.
Too many people search around, failing to see the opportunity in front of them.
RT @JeffAGreen: #Millennials switch jobs because that’s what young people do in the beginning of a career, not because it’s a generational…
Condoleezza Rice shares 5 great ways to get ahead in your career @CNBCMakeIt
Colleges Aren't Closing the Skills Gap @sammicaramela @LearningHouse

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anything happening here?
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Bonjour, dans le cadre de ma deuxième ( et dernière !) année de Master Communication-Marketing, je vous propose de répondre à ce questionnaire sur le personal branding (définition dans le questionnaire). Je vous remercie d'avance. Cordialement, Une étudiante. :)
I am a graduate student at the University of Paris-la Sorbonne and I am looking for American professionals who use personal branding on Linkedin and are willing to be part of a study for my Master-degree thesis. My study seeks to analyze the subject's job history, how they build their branding and how it impacts their career path. Volunteers will answer a 10 minute survey and adding me on Linkedin for the purpose of the study. Any help will really be greatly appreciated, so don't hesitate to forward this to your relatives or coworkers. You can contact me at :
Authentic Personal Branding for Real Estate Agents
Szanowni Państwo, Nieskromnie polecam moją książkę o budowaniu marki osobistej i promocji jednoosobowej (lub małej) działalności gospodarczej: Dużo w niej również informacji o generalnie o aktualnych trendach w komunikacji marketingowej. #socialmedia #mobilemarketing #contentmarketing Zaś książkę zaczynam od opisu marki i komunikacji marketingowej instytucji, która ma ponad 2000 lat i rzeszę wiernych wyznawców na całym świecie :) Przyjemnej lektury! #PersonalBranding #books
Feautured book "Personal Branding for Everyone. An Expert's Toolbox for Unleashing Your Inner Leader, a Successful Career, a Thriving Business and a Fulfilling Life" by Sergiusz Trzeciak. The book approved by author's own experiance and the positive mindest techniques to reveal the leadership potential for a professional breakthrough. A new practical model of soft leadership guides the reader to climbing their career ladder, provides with the key to personal branding mystery and puts anyone who feels like it up to life crowded with the great successes and accomplishments. The guide is full of fresh ideas how to bring new life to you career and make your passions your cereer. Enjoy!
Knomii, the ultimate personal branding tool. Click for more info or to view my KnoMii. Things are about to change forever.
Ed è con grande piacere che vi segnalo l'intervista esclusiva che abbiamo ottenuto per il nostro blog ArmoniaBenessere a Riccardo Scandellari: leggetela tutta d'un fiato, ne vale la pena!

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