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The ultimate guide to giving notice and leaving a job (the right way)
@collegeprepster @kayla_itsines Having de ja vu 3 years later! Let's give it another go 😉
Wow haven't been on twitter in a long while. What's everyone up to over here?
Yes, post-interview thank you notes DO still matter (here's why)
Why post-interview thank you notes actually matter #jobsearch
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Life hack - play this song anytime you're even remotely in a bad mood
My top 6 tips for a killer resume
These two 😍
Loved this post from @joannagoddard on changing careers: (it's never too late!)
What to write in a cover letter
@BrittRabaey Thank you so much!!
Must listen: If you’re not sure what to do with your life
How to write the BEST post-interview thank you note

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I've been hearing lately that candidates aren't always writing post-interview thank you notes - here is why you DEFINITELY should be: (and how...)
In case anyone is on the hunt for new grad gifts:
Somehow cover letters are still one of the most daunting parts of the job search process - here's everything you need to know about writing great ones (plus a full cover letter template):
In today's post I'm sharing the 5 most common questions I get about networking, from referrals, to coffee chats, to cold emails (and of course, my answers too!) >>
In case you missed it last week, check out Ashley Anderson's Ask-A-Recruiter interview with The Prepary - such great advice. Thank you Ashley!
Our March Ask-A-Recruiter series features Ashley Anderson who has hired for super competitive companies like Warby Parker, Tory Burch, and Soul Cycle. Check out her awesome advice on The Prepary:
Our free monthly webinar is coming up tomorrow! March's topic: Networking For Your Job Search. If you've been applying to jobs and hearing crickets, this one is for you!
How early is TOO early to apply for jobs? Perfect post for soon-to-be-grads, people who are relocating, and people who are waiting to hit a milestone at work before job searching:
Our free monthly webinar is coming up tomorrow! February's topic: how to customize your resume for a job. Hope to see you there!
Today, I'm excited to share the newest series on The Prepary called Ask-A-Recruiter, so you can hear the perspectives of recruiters/hiring managers who hire across different industries, locations, and levels. First up, I'm excited to feature Allie Hoffer who currently works for The Parking Spot in Chicago and recently launched Office Hours. Check out her awesome advice here:

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