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There are so many pros when it comes to working remotely. You have the flexibility of location, and you might be able to set your own working hours, too. You no longer have to commute or pack a lunch — you might not even need to wear business casual clothing anymore. But there is one glaring con to this type of position — you don’t get to know your coworkers very well. [ 809 more words ] https://www.punchedclocks.com/bond-team-remote-worker/
All good — and not so good — things must come to an end, and now it’s your job’s turn. Whether you found a new position, decided to head back to school or switch industries, it’s time to move on. All that’s left to do is to hand in your two weeks notice to your boss. Even though you’re ready to leave, this process can still be nerve-wracking — but it’s not an impossible task. [ 1,040 more word ] https://www.punchedclocks.com/give-two-weeks-notice/
Everyone looks at the world through different filters based on their upbringing, environment, experience and attitude. The victim mentality is one of those unfortunate lenses that even experienced professionals sometimes play into when searching for a job. When you're on a notesjob hunt, don't chase your tail by giving in to victim mentalities. Outside circumstances work against you. Layoffs happen. You mess up on the job. [ 1,082 more word ] https://www.punchedclocks.com/victim-mentalities-job-search/

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