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As former Fortune 500 recruiters, we have 40 years combined experience for leading companies in financial services, consulting, media, and technology

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New post: Seven Ways To Use The Summer To Advance Your Career
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Tx for sharing!
The best first step in moving past fear is to name your fear and confront it. @Entrepreneur @EllevateNtwk
What fears are holding you back from achieving the career of your dreams? @Entrepreneur @EllevateNtwk
For career tips #FF @New_Shifts @WomensCalendar @DebraChristal @RenitaKalhorn
Circumstances will influence how much you can focus on long-term goals versus getting things done in the here and n…
Reading success stories is a great way of keeping your spirits high during the invariable ups and downs of a job se…
If you focus too short-term, you may be comfortable for a while but find your career has stalled…
72 percent of HR leaders noted that their organization does not provide any form of AI training program - @Oracle…
Before you can pick the appropriate next steps for your career, you need a realistic assessment of where you stand…
Schedule reminders. Monthly, “Have I connected with my network outside of my day-to-day?” Quarterly, “What should I…
Don’t assume that a good performance review means good enough for a promotion. You Get Pos…
Stop Editing Your Resume! Ten More Productive Actions To Improve A Slow Job Search

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The best first step in moving past fear is to name your fear and confront it. @Entrepreneur @EllevateNtwk
A resume just gets you in the door. Strong interviewing skills will keep you coming back.
93 percent [of employees] would trust orders from a robot – Oracle and Future Workplace study @forbes
Don’t move through your career by default! Review your communication skills regularly
A great resume whittles down everything you have done to just your best work. In the best resumes, the Summary whittles even further by highlighting the best of your best @forbes
How do you balance your focus, time, and money on present versus future goals? On everyday work versus taking initiative on something new?
When I see a confusing resume, it almost invariably belongs to a confused job seeker . Fix your resume, and you fix other problems in your job search. @forbes
The resume is a first, very brief stop, and the interview immediately takes priority. If you don’t interview well, your strong resume is quickly forgotten @forbes
If promotions are decided by people who don’t know you, then it doesn’t matter how good your performance reviews are. You won’t even be on their radar! @Forbes
When you do get those next interviews, be ready for different and many times more challenging interviews. Callback interviews are different

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