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The Career Psychologist is a team of expert applied psychologists who work with individuals and organisations to help transform careers.

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RT @RobACareerPsych: Appropriate for #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek, I did a short interview with @DrMichaelBrooks for @newscientist magazine a…
RT @RobACareerPsych: Seven (or Eight) Reasons Why Executive Coaches Need ACT:
RT @RobACareerPsych: The Currency of Success: How Coaching Helped an Olyumpian Towards Career Fulfillment - great post by Mick Darby and Sh…
RT @RobACareerPsych: So much of life is about more than one thought and feeling at a time. I'm sitting at my desk, feeling frustrated at th…
New Blog Published: 'The Currency Of Success'
RT @RobACareerPsych: You'll never GUESS where I'm working this week.... #resilience #performance #ACTinthewatersupply…
@RobACareerPsych 2 in one day? Amazing! 😊
RT @RobACareerPsych: Avoiding Stuckness With Values
RT @RobACareerPsych: Thank you Chris...honoured to make the famous hashtag! #365daysofcompassion
@beeversjames Thanks for the RT! 👍😊
Welcome to The Career Psychologiest where we use cutting edge psychology to transform careers:…
RT @AffinityHAW: We are looking for businesses to trial our new #returntowork free online toolkit. If you are interested please get in touc…
Dealing with Values Conflicts: #CareerChange #GettingUnstuck #ExecutiveCoaching #ACT
RT @ProfCaryCooper: Psychologists found that people who seek solitude tend to be more creative
RT @RachelCollis: Building Psychological Flexibility by Turning Rules into Ribbons

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