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RT @simonerzim: In the heart of Tel Aviv, israelis are shutting down traffic, chanting that we don’t want another war. this is not a soluti…
It has indeed been AWESOME :) Woohoo right back atcha :)
RT @jwcph: John Lewis/Waitrose - happiness at the center of a profitable organisation co-owned by 85.500 people, with Jane Barnett-Roberts.…
RT @julieartis: Create Happy Workplaces begin by be happy yourself and focusing on self-reflection and mental habits 🙌🏻 #happyatwork #cho #…
Our final speaker of the day is Garry Ridge, CEO of WD-40 and he's KILLING IT :) "People must come first!"
We are super excited to hear his speech :)
RT @jwcph: Management by objective = silos - management by mission = alignment and a culture of service - Florent Amion, Vygon . #woohooinc…
RT @jwcph: Work-life balance is a false premise, we're not two different persons - Emiliana Simon-Thomas . #woohooinc #happinessatwork #ha…
Florent Anion: We built an optimistic office at Vygon - it's like Google without money :) #woohooinc
RT @happyatwork: "Forget about work/life balance and focus on work/life continuum" as illustrated on stage by Prof. Emiliana Simon-Thomas…
It's true - he does :) #woohooinc
RT @LearningMoment: What is Happiness at Work - here is what Emiliana Simon-Thomas shared @ Happiness at Work Conference #woohooinc #learni…
RT @planty: What is happinesses work then? #woohooinc
RT @planty: What is happiness? What it’s not... #woohooinc
Next up: Professor Emiliana Simon-Thomas who studies and teaches the science of happiness at work. #woohooinc

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Yesterday was a great day. Day 2 of the International Conference on Happiness at Work is all about the workshops 👍 #woohooinc
The probability that you've used WD40 at one time or another is pretty high. But did you know that the company WD40 is a happy billion-dollar business? One of the reasons, Garry Ridge tells us, is that they know that the most important persons at WD40 are the people (not the investors). #woohooinc
If you want a happy business - make a better world! Sasa Popovic is on stage giving us some great examples on what they've been doing at Vega It for the community in Novi Sad in Serbia. #woohooinc
Here's a small sample of what the participants at the conference take away and want to remember. Are you here? What's yours? #woohooinc
Happiness comes first - even when you have 85.000 employees. Jane Barnett-Roberts tells us how it's done at John Lewis Partnership #woohooinc
Christina and Tessa are telling us how they set up a Happiness Group at SEB Pension #woohooinc
As a company you cannot say you value happiness at work if you only reward sales results and not the efforts made to create a happier workplace. One of the 10 quick tips from Alexander Kjerulf how to focus on happiness at work as a strategic mission. #woohooinc
Lunch was great! Do you know the feeling that sometimes it's difficult to keep your energy up after lunch? Well, not here and not today - Maria made sure everyone's awake for a great afternoon! :-) #woohooinc
Oliver Maxwell from ByBi was here too - and made sure everyone can taste ice cream with real honey from city bees 🐝 #woohooinc
A lot of people at the conference today have been asking about the music. If you want, you can find the playlist in spotify and listen to it there! 🎶😀 #woohooinc

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