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The Voice of Jobseekers

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Your #Sunday #Music 🎵 Chill #ysmc #chic…
8 Ways to Use Underemployment to Sway Your #Employment Opportunities #jobsearch #jobhunt
Saw the press conference a year ago when Kelly Wright confirmed what I and many others thought. As he said in that…
I love it when there are more 100 #jobsearch…
I agree with @bob_mcintosh_1 in this article regarding the headline. It's a great place to intrigue readers with a…
Ask for the job! Don't assume because you interviewed well you'll be considered a finalist or the chosen job candid…
“8 Ways to Foster Effective Job Interview Conversations” #interviewtips #careeradvice #interviews #jobsearch
Perhaps you’ve already noticed that the #job hoppers today tend to be the ones who win spikes in salaries and gain…
I Dare You to Employ One of These Bold Job-Search Tactics Today #careers #jobs #LinkedIn
Remembering for #tbt Mom, Dad, and Auntie.…
If you're underemployed, then you're tired of playing nice.  You're tired of coloring inside the lines.  We know…
It’s offensive. No matter the language you…
Thanks for sharing, @careersherpa!
Useful guide for using LI, @bob_mcintosh_1! Thanks for including my thoughts!

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Your next employer may use this to schedule a #job #interview with you. #AI #ArtificialIntelligence
I Dare You to Employ One of These Bold #jobsearch Tactics => "If you wait to adopt new tools and techniques until to the moment you need them, and be disappointed in their effectiveness."
Welcome, @JohnnyJohntezMsaniwa to our page!
If you need help with your #jobsearch, Job Lab is the place to be if you're in Chicago. We're discussing #resumes so if you need to know some of the latest strategies, then come on by! #jobhunt
Podcast: Happy to be joined on this episode by Hannah Morgan (Career Sherpa) as we discuss how #jobseekers should market themselves. #jobsearch #careers #socialmedia
The "Job Lab" is back. We have moved it to the last Saturday of each month, 9-11am. This is FREE and open to the public!
5 Most Useful Sections of a #JobSearch Blog for #JobSeekers
The consultant’s approach to working with clients is one you should adopt in your #jobsearch. Continue reading for my suggestions...
Welcome Ťřavőř Łāh Ņděňwå to our page!
I am on WVON1690 Live talking about youth employment/unemployment. Waiting to be introduced any minute!

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