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Grateful to have received a new published testimonial from an IT Director! Here is an excerpt from it: #TestimonialTuesday
The hardest part of making a change in your life is taking the first step. The majority of clients I work with have been in the same role or at the same company for 7-10 years, and some even as long as 20 plus years. They realize it's time for a change -- whether they have hit the ceiling on salary at their current company, or they can't move up in the hierarchy anymore (since they are CEO or general counsel), my clients realize that change is an amazing opportunity brings so much personal and professional growth. Has there been a time in your life when you realized you it was time for a move (personal or professional) to help you grow or change? Drop me a comment below and share. I love to read about different journeys. We all have a story to share!
Life begins outside of your comfort zone. That means taking risks, fearlessly chasing your pursuits, and never looking back. Never stop dreaming. Never stop doing. Never stop going for what you want. It is all mind over matter. #sundaymorning #weekend #weekendvibes
How do you rise above negative thoughts and negative people? I've had a lot of naysayers and “haters” just like you. As I‘ve gotten older, I’ve learned to tune out those people (and thoughts) and build a cocoon around myself that prevents them from getting in. Whether it's ending a toxic friendship or relationship, distancing myself from negative self-talk or even removing myself from being around that type of pettiness has enabled me to focus on what matters most and what I need from my career and life. You can do the same. Self-care is also about protecting your own person from negativity. Follow me on my other social media channels here: LinkedIn: Twitter: Instagram:
The Ladders put out a follow-up article on resume fonts. Honored to be quoted in it for my expertise! #resumetips #resumefont
This morning, I had the honor of speaking to child protective investigators about effective business writing and social media etiquette as part of their success training and professional development. #speaker #businesswriting #thewritingguru
What is the best font to use on a resume? In 2015, the HuffPost called Times New Roman the "sweatpants" of resume fonts. I was quoted in that article: In the 90s, resumes were written in Times New Roman font, printed out on fancy resume paper, and then read. Today, it is considered outdated (just like the Zack Morris phone seen below). Times New Roman is a serif font. Serif fonts by their very nature tend to constrict the readability because of the curvature in the letters. As a result, they don’t allow the reader to see the words with ease. Sans serif fonts (such as Arial or Calibri) are light, airy, and they engage readability on computer screens. In the digital age, the majority of resumes are read on a computer screen or mobile device. So, using a sans serif font is best! My go-to fonts for resumes include the following: Helvetica, Arial, Calibri, Tahoma, and my personal favorite, Century Gothic. Here is a follow-up article in the HuffPost I wrote called, Why Your Resume Font is Killing Your Vibe:
What others say about you when you are not around, especially about you professionally, can make you or break you in today's digital world. Certain things such as a bad social media post or acting out in public (and having it videotaped) can damage your reputation in a split second. Check out my featured advice in this new Ladders article on the best ways to protect your professional reputation.
Today marks 13 years since my beautiful grandmother passed. She was the light of my life and my muse, especially for my writing. My samples on my website use the name “Goldie” to honor her memory. Thinking of her and missing her more. ❤️
You can't pour from an empty cup. When 2018 started, I made a commitment that I would stop depleting myself and reduce unnecessary internal stress. Here are 4 top tips that have helped me: 1. Say no to the things that don’t fulfill you and don’t feel compelled to say yes to every invite. 2. Say yes to time by yourself that you need. 3. Forgive yourself for your mistakes and accept responsibility for your actions. 4. Don’t be afraid of making a new path for yourself and meeting new people who inspire you to be better. Feel free to comment below with items that have helped you! I’m always looking to grow and expand my self-care process. #selfcare #worklifebalance #stressmanagement #entrepreneurship

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