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author of The Entrepreneur's Trap, founder of the CEO Business School for Transformational Leaders

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How many times do you fall down before you give up? I shed a tear watching this heart-warming video for many reasons but I also couldn't help but realize... There have been MANY days in my business when I've felt like little Edna! Trying something new and falling flat on my face... over and over again. But here's the difference between me and this pup. I don't always get up with a smile on my face and keep going. 😕 There have been times I've fallen down ONCE and said 'forget it, guess this isn't for me'. And I gave up. There have been times where I've fallen down and threw a bit of a fit "Why isn't this working for me! It's working for everyone else!" 😭 Perhaps you've had those moments as well? I had one this week. #keepingitreal There are three things I've learned from this beautiful furry little soul today. 1) IT TAKES TIME - we can't learn to walk in a day. So why do we expect to master everything in our business in a day? And on the first time we try? 2) CHOOSE OUR ATTITUDE - when we fall down we ALWAYS have a choice in how we respond. We can get up with a smile and keep going. Or we can get frustrated, maybe throw a fit and give up. 3) WE NEED EACH OTHER - it wasn't until he met his friend that he was able to make measurable progress. Before then little Edna (and her owner) were trying so many different things that just weren't working. But as soon as Gertie showed up something shifted and she found her way. <-- How much time do we spend trying to 'figure it out on our own' instead of asking for support? Finding someone to 'play' with? Be it a friend, mentor, coach or colleague. Together we can accomplish so much more than we ever could on our own - do you agree?
Lost your passion for a business you once loved? Yep, been there... it's a sign of burnout and being perpetually in a stressed-out mode. Can you relate? Join me to talk about the solution. #30hourworkweek #freewebinar http://tinaforsyth.com/30hrwebinar/
As a business owner who wants to scale, which money-making activities should you keep on your plate and which time suckers do you need to delegate ASAP? Join me to discover my recommendations. #30hourworkweek #freewebinar http://ed.gr/oz1l
Let’s talk about how to structure your day to eliminate distractions and minimize the chaos that drives you crazy. #30hourworkweek #freewebinar http://ed.gr/oz1h
Are you carrying the weight of the business on your shoulders? If you step away, will it fall apart? We get to CHOOSE what we want our business looks like in the scope of our lives. #30hourworkweek #freewebinar http://ed.gr/oz1f
How to scale your business without hitting burnout (or losing your mind!) 🤪 Most women I work with come to me because they want to grow but they can’t see a way to make it happen. They are already busy - usually busier than they want to be - working too many hours serving clients, managing team members (if they have them) and doing all the little things it takes to run a business. They would love to break free from working with clients directly - maybe bring on team members or shift to a leveraged business model - but they take pride in the work they do and can’t imagine turning over their clients to someone else. They feel like they have to do it all themselves or it won’t get done right. And THAT is the reason they stay stuck. The belief that they “have to do it all themselves” is the very thing that is stifling their growth. It is keeping them stuck in a vicious cycle of “do do do” to the point where they can never get to the stuff that matters. Or the even more viscous cycle of “I tried hiring someone and they did it wrong so I had to take it back and do it myself” And it keeps happening again and again. <— Ooof. That’s a real drag. 😓 Believe me I get it. I’m a picky person. I have high standards. One might even call me a control freak (and I’m OK with that ;) When I shifted to a leveraged business model back in 2009 I tried to keep doing everything on my own. And as the business grew there came a point where that was no longer sustainable (especially because I had two young girls and refused to work so much I couldn’t see them!) 👩‍👧‍👧 I had to find a different way to run my business. To get the right help so I could let go of the things that shouldn’t have been on my plate anymore. And I had to learn how to let go and TRUST that the people I hired would be able to do things as well as I could on my own. <— THAT was the hard part, and I can tell you... it wasn’t a matter of just crossing my fingers and hoping I had hired the right person. 😬🤞 Nope. I had to be purposeful here so I KNEW the work was getting done right. Otherwise I would have just ended up taking it all back and doing it myself. And it worked. It’s worked how for over 9 years. And I get to work just 30 hours a week because of what I learned and was purposeful to implement. If you would like to learn more I’d love to help. You can join me for a webinar I’m doing next week (see first comment below for reg link ) or send me a private message if you are knee deep in “I have to do it all myself or it won’t get done right - help me!” mode and we can chat. 💜
Join me to discover the top 3 reasons why you are inadvertently working WAY harder than you should be in your business. #30hourworkweek #freewebinar http://tinaforsyth.com/30hrwebinar/
I have yet to meet a person who started their business saying "I want to work MORE! Evenings, weekends & never take a day off!" Yet, this is the reality for way too many women out there. Join me to uncover the solution. #30hourworkweek #freewebinar http://tinaforsyth.com/30hrwebinar/
There are two ways to build a business: 1) Work your ass off for years until you 'get there' and then you can enjoy what you've created. OR 2) Work sane and sustainable hours so that you can ENJOY your business while you are creating it! Which do you choose? 🤔 Which are you currently living? 🤨 We are taught that #1 is the way to go - that it is NECESSARY to work this hard in order to create success. But there are two problems here: 1) It is not sustainable to work 'too many hours' - burnout is a very real thing. And I'm not just talking physical burnout, I'm also talking about spiritual and emotional burnout... where we find ourselves unmotivated and maybe even resenting the very thing we worked so hard to create. <-- Anyone else relate to this? 2) You. May. Not. Ever. Get. There! I know too many people who have sacrificed everything - time, energy, money - and never found the success they were working so hard for. The success they were promised would come to them. They are left depleted and with nothing to show for it. OR they do find the success they were striving for only to realize it isn't what they thought it would be. Ugh. Don't get me wrong - work is necessary. This isn't a matter of 'find what you love and never work a day in your life'. 🤢 There is work to be done if you want to build a business - hard work! But we don't need to spend every waking hour doing it. There is a middle ground. A sane way to build a business. A way to do it where you get to enjoy your life NOW and not at some magical point down the road. And I want to see this for every business owner out there. I want this to be the norm and not the exception. You in? #30hourworkweek #comingsoon

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